Post-secondary transfer credit


This page shares commonly used transfer credit terms and their definitions. 

First-year Credit

AP, IB or A-levels exam results that meet the minimum requirements listed on the Undergraduate Programs and Admissions website are eligible for first-year credit. Official final exam results need to be sent by the examination boards for credit processing in late summer.

Courses from a recognized institution will be assessed as Specific Credit if matching a UBC course or as General Credit to meet non-major specific or elective degree requirements.

General Credit

Courses that do not match a specific UBC course may be assigned General Credit in a same or similar subject, which may be used to meet non-major specific or elective degree requirements.


  • Douglas College BIOL 1310 (3 credits) = UBC Vancouver BIOL 1st (3 credits)
  • Langara College BUSM 1200 (3 credits) = UBCV COMM 2nd (3 credits)

Some General Credits are assigned using subject codes that do not match any UBC courses.


  • ARTS 1st = General first-year Arts-related transfer credit
  • ELEV 1st = General first-year Elective transfer credit
  • SCIE 1st = General first-year Science-related transfer credit
  • WRCM 1st = General first-year Writing/Composition transfer credit

General Credit with Exemption

Courses that do not match a specific UBC course, but have sufficient learning outcome, may be assigned General Credit with an Exemption for a specific UBC course.

Okanagan College ASTR 230 = UBC Vancouver ASTR 2nd (3), Exempt UBCV ASTR 311.

Students with General Credit with Exemption are considered to have completed the Exempted course.

Specific Credit

Courses that overlap more than 80% with a specific UBC course are granted Specific Credit.

Specific transfer credit will be used as if the course was taken at UBC. Unless approved by your faculty, you should not register in the same course at UBC for which you have already received specific transfer credit, as you cannot receive credit twice.

Example: Langara College ECON 1220 (3 credits) = UBC Vancouver ECON 101 (3 credits)

No credit

Courses that have been evaluated and deemed not transferable to UBC, such as ESL, high school equivalents, pre-university, professional, applied, technical or other non-academic courses.

Transfer credit search tool

Find how courses from your institution transfer to UBC through the online search tool.

Go to the tool

Requesting transfer credit

Prospective students

If you’re planning on applying to UBC, you will be asked during your application to submit your official transcripts. You will then be assigned transfer credit, if any, after you’ve been admitted to UBC and you accept the admission offer.

Apply to UBC

Current students

If you are a student in the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science and would like to request a re-evaluation of any of your General Credits, please send detailed course outlines to your Enrolment Services Advisor (ESA).

Please note that course re-evaluations may take 4 to 6 weeks or longer, so please plan your course registrations accordingly.

For students in faculties other than Arts or Science, please contact an Academic Advisor in your faculty.

If you’re currently a UBC student and you’d like to take a course at another institution, you have a few options.

Former UBC-O students

If you’re currently a UBC Vancouver student who was admitted from UBC Okanagan, your UBC-O courses will remain as part of your UBC records.

You can find out how your UBC-O course would be equivalent to a UBC-V course at the UBC Equivalency Search Tool.

Non-degree students

Non-Degree students (Visiting, Unclassified, or Access Studies) do not receive transfer credit.

For more information, please see Non-Degree Studies for Visiting Students.

Summer courses

Courses completed in the summer after you have accepted the UBC admission offer may be eligible for transfer credit, and will be evaluated in September or October after receipt of your final summer transcript with the final grade has been received.

Transcript submission

To receive transfer credits for college or university coursework, you will need to arrange for your institution to send your final official transcript directly through one of the following methods:

  • Online electronic transcript (preferred)
    Please have them submit your transcript online to
  • Official paper transcript
    Request that your paper transcript is mailed to the address below.

Mailing address for paper transcripts

1874 East Mall
Undergraduate Admissions Office
UBC Enrolment Services
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z1