May 8, 2018
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Music, theatre, and art right at your doorstep

There’s a good reason UBC is often considered a city within a city: from a night at the Opera to some of the best art galleries in BC, it’s all right here on campus. Plus, some of the best experiences you can have here are super cheap…or free!

Is music your thing?

Women playing the trumpet

If you’re looking to culture-it-up, the UBC School of Music holds concerts throughout the year, from jazz to full-blown symphony orchestras - many of which are completely free for students! If what you really want are the headliners, Thunderbird Arena is your best bet, but it’ll hit your wallet harder. Just lay off the late-night study snacks for a week or so, and you’ll have enough saved!

Maybe a night at the Opera?

Opera performance

Throughout the year there are always operas, theatre performances, and film screenings happening at various venues around campus, and students get tickets at half off. Dress up and pretend to be a high roller at the Opera - just don’t mention you only paid $15 for a ticket. Theatre tickets for on-campus shows are cheap for students and feature the chance to meet the cast and crew at opening night, as well as free food. Yum!

Perhaps you’d like to soak up some art?

Students looking at art exhibit

There’s a lot of art on campus, from outdoor sculptures to official art galleries that offer exhibits all year long. Plus, admission is free! Admire internationally acclaimed work in the Belkin Gallery or sign-up for one of its free outdoor art tours. You can also check out the AHVA gallery to see what your peers are creating. With so much art all around, you’ll never have a dull lunch break again.

Or visit some campus museums?


If there’s one thing you have to do at UBC, it's to check out the iconic giant whale skeleton at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. You don’t even need to go into the museum (even though admission is free for students). There’s also the world-renowned Museum of Anthropology (MOA) - also free for students. It’s a great way to spend a productive break between classes.

Museum of Anthropology

Find out more

Check out the UBC Arts & Culture District Events Calendar for a full list of events and attractions.