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August 26, 2021
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10 tech resources to know for fall

If you’re anything like me, you often daydream about going full cottagecore, escaping to a shack in the woods with some Sufjan Stevens vinyl and a kombucha scoby. 

As serene as that sounds, I would miss the comforts and convenience of our plugged-in lives. Besides, technology is a pretty integral part of university classes! Navigating all the tech you need can be a bit overwhelming, but you aren’t on your own. There’s loads of help at UBC to help you be a regular technophile!

Keep reading to see all the tech resources you have at your disposal as a UBC student: 

UBC email

If you’re starting to wonder whether emailing professors and potential employers from is a bad look, you have another option. Set up a account to look professional, and dare I say, even a little fancy when you send out job applications or email your profs. You’ll also need this email to access programs like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive (see below). 

Microsoft Teams and OneDrive

Microsoft (MS) Teams and OneDrive have been designated by UBC as great tools to help students collaborate and share files. You can use MS Teams to safely and securely chat with project partners and organize study groups, and OneDrive to store and share files. Both tools are free for students—find more information on MS Teams here, and OneDrive here

Office 365

You can actually get Microsoft Office for free with your CWL account! That saves you $79 every year! Download Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more on up to 5 devices. Tip: Remember to renew your subscription every year.

Anti-virus protection

I get it, sometimes you’re looking for something online and the only website that has it is “”. Even browsing the internet really carefully can bring you annoying, expensive, and downright dangerous computer viruses.

Fortunately, UBC IT has recommendations on how to protect your computer against viruses and scams! 


You might have already heard of Canvas, since it’ll likely be a key platform for most of your classes. When you log into Canvas, you’ll be able to view assignments, lecture notes, your grades, a calendar with dates and deadlines, and more. Each professor uses Canvas a little differently, so make sure you explore the platform thoroughly and ask questions if you’re confused about anything.

Check out this page for Canvas training and support!

Keep Learning site

If you head to the “Technologies” section of, you can find helpful tips on using Collaborate Ultra, Zoom, and other platforms you might use to learn and study on this year. It’s a great place to start if you want to know more about how online learning works!


When the invisible hand of the free market starts to feel more like an invisible full nelson, I’m even more tempted than usual to hide from society in a cozy cottage deep in the woods. Since this often isn’t possible, a good alternative is saving your hard-earned money by taking advantage of some excellent student discounts.

That’s right, UBC IT has facilitated a bunch of discounts to make online learning more affordable this year, from cheap internet and cell plans to deals on laptops. Check out all the bargains you can snatch up as a UBC student!

Cybersecurity tips

The internet can feel like a lawless land, with danger lurking behind every picture of kittens asleep on laptop keyboards. Luckily, UBC IT has crafted some easy tips to follow so you can stay safe as you learn online this year!


UBC offers a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) called myVPN, which can be used for safer internet browsing. The service is easy to download and install on your computer—and will also come in handy when you need to access select UBC services while you’re off-campus.

UBC IT support

Have a question about any of these services? Visit the IT services page for students or contact the IT Help Desk

Also, follow @UBCIToutages on Twitter for service updates when something’s down. Of course, if I’ve learned anything, sometimes the best IT advice is just to refresh the page. 

These resources may not set you on a path to an idyllic clearing in the woods with an adorable cottage and Folklore playing on a gramophone, but they will set you on a path to academic success!