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Ainsley Carry, UBC's new VP for Students
August 21, 2019
2 mins read

17 questions with UBC's new VP for Students

A slightly embarrassing secret: I didn’t even know we had a Vice-President for Students until recently.

It’s a good thing we do though—the VP for Students (VPS) shapes the experience and learning environment for UBC students by supporting everything from athletics and recreation to residence life. 

UBC is lucky to have Dr. Ainsley Carry as our new VPS. Ainsley is a passionate advocate for students and has tons of experience working in university settings, including the University of Southern California, Auburn University, Temple University, and the University of Arkansas. 

Ainsley's role is all about ensuring your time as a student is the best it can be. He wants to spend a lot of his first year listening to students to better understand the issues that are important to you here at UBC.

You’ll be seeing Ainsley around a lot over your journey here, so get to know him now by watching him answer some very hard-hitting questions—from his favourite shows and music, to his top tip for doing well in university!

If you see Ainsley around campus, stop by to introduce yourself.

He’s here for you, so know that you’re welcome to chat with him about your experiences as a student—or the latest Drake track. Whether you’re an individual student, or representing a student club, if you would like to connect with him, send an email to his office at

I got to spend some time with Ainsley while we were making this video. I was a little nervous to meet him because any kind of “Vice-President” sounds pretty important and a little intimidating. I’m happy to report that he’s genuinely the nicest guy and is full of great advice to share with students.

If you're interested, take a look at some of the work Ainsley and his team does. 

So say hi to Ainsley if you catch him over the year—and ask him who he thinks should have really won the Iron Throne on Game of Thrones!