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February 5, 2021
2 mins read

5 cheap DIY gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Not everybody loves Valentine’s Day. While it’s great for some, it can make others feel lonely or left out.

In my opinion, that’s all the more reason to spread the love! Love isn’t just about romance, whether you have a significant other or not.

These easy DIY gifts are fun, cheap, and perfect for any of the loves of your life—romantic partners, friends, and family alike! (Of course, if you're dropping off gifts in person, stay safe and follow the guidelines of your local health authority.)

1. Seed starter

If you are anything like me, you have killed your fair share of small houseplants, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying! This little seed starter requires relatively few supplies and can be customized for any giftee. Plus, nothing says “I love you” like the gift of life!

2. Encouragement jar

An encouragement jar is basically a decorated mason jar (or any other small container) filled with popsicle sticks or small pieces of paper, each of which says something kind or encouraging.

3. Homemade candy

Everyone knows that candy is the best Valentine’s gift. But have you ever tried to make DIY candy? It’s simple, delicious, and it adds an extra personal touch to a universally beloved, but clichéd, gift idea.

4. The Box o’ Stuff

If you’re the indecisive type, go for the survival kit-style gift. Fill a nice box or bag with small presents (and maybe even some of the other stuff listed in this post) that are guaranteed to make the person smile.

It could be their favourite snacks, photos of you together, something from their favourite movie...the list goes on. My best friend once gave me a box that contained a bunch of ink refills for my favourite kind of pen! The best thing about this is that it’s totally customizable.

5. Pop-up card

A handmade card shows thought and creativity. Even if you have minimal art skills, handwriting is a little more personal than a typed note or a store-bought card.

Why not step it up a notch by making a pop-up card? It shows an extra layer of care was taken, but it’s still pretty easy to achieve and it costs next to nothing!

Seed Starter
Homemade Candy

This Valentine’s Day, show all your loved ones (or just anyone who needs a pick-me-up) how you feel with something personal and creative. They’re sure to appreciate the extra time you took!