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Student on a youtube break on his laptop
November 16, 2018
2 mins read

9 YouTube videos to watch during your study break

The wind is colder, the citations are longer—finals season is coming.

Maybe you have a research paper you’ve been meaning to start, plus back-to-back exams.

Depending on your study style, your first reaction might be to work non-stop until it’s done (or until you’re face-down in your Stats textbook, snoring in the library.)

But burnout is real, and it can impact your creativity and productivity. Taking short breaks during a deep study sesh is key to staying productive—and staying sane. Don’t believe me? Google agrees (and so does Forbes.)

Here are 9 videos to reset your brain:

Get motivated

1. The Pep Talk You Need

This boy learned how to ride a bike and he has some big words for you:

2. John Green on Perspective

“You can’t know what an experience will mean to Future You until you ARE Future You.” So the hard work you’re doing now could pay off in ways that you can’t even imagine yet.

3. The School of Life - Good Enough is Good Enough

To remind yourself that you’re actually doing a great job, sweetie:

The funnies

4. Parks and Rec - Leslie Knope being extra Leslie for 7 minutes straight

This might also be filed under “weirdly motivational” because Leslie Knope is oddly inspiring.

5. The Office - Jim Pranking Dwight Compilation

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never watched The Office or if you fall asleep to it every night—identity theft is not a joke.

6. Keith Puppy-sits The Try Guys’ Dogs

What’s better than a dog video? The Try Guys + 4 dogs.

Some tunes

7. Sam Smith Carpool Karaoke

...Technically, we’re the same species. Also, his wedding plan is 11/10 goals.

8. Give Me Compliments

Me when I do the absolute bare minimum:

9. Aretha Franklin Performs “A Natural Woman”

We had to put one in for the eternal Queen of Soul. This has Aretha Franklin, Carole King, and the Obamas—what’s not to love?

Remember, even a little YouTube break might give you the second wind you need to study smarter, not harder.