Imagine UBC Orientation Leaders
December 20, 2017
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Apply to join your faculty’s Imagine UBC team

Join the Imagine UBC team as an Orientation Leader and be part of one of the biggest orientation days in Canada.

Imagine UBC Orientation Leaders (OLs) welcome first-year students to UBC. OLs help new students navigate their first day on campus while ensuring they feel supported by the UBC community.

Orientation Leaders (OLs) play a key role in the delivery of UBC orientations. They set up first-year students to achieve their goals and help them manage the challenges of their new life on campus.

By providing peer support, OLs also have the opportunity to learn leadership, collaboration, and communication skills.

To learn more about the Imagine UBC OL role, we asked past leaders to share their experience and takeaways:

What did you like most about working with new students?

"Each individual came with a fresh perspective. Meeting each individual gave me insight into their independent views of life: aspects about education, cultural descent, and mannerisms."  

- Parth, Interdisciplinary Studies - Economics

"Seeing first-years getting excited about coming to university. After being at school for 4 years, it's easy to develop senioritis and become a bit unmotivated to start again, but seeing their energy really gets me excited for the first few weeks." 

- Ian, Political Science

"I enjoyed getting to see the first-year students grow after orientation day. Watching them navigate around Forestry and becoming friends with each other was nice to see." 

- Elliot, Urban Forestry

What’s the most valuable skill you learned or developed as an Imagine UBC OL?

"The most valuable skill I learned is how to understand perspectives and to be more considerate of others having a different background than myself." 

- Dana, Chemical and Biological Engineering

"Confidence. No one will want to listen or respect you if you do not believe in yourself. Even when some people are unwilling to listen to you, that’s no reason for putting yourself down." 

- Candice, Undeclared

"How to actually listen! I think it's easy to just bombard each student with a bunch of information, but each of them has different goals, questions, etc. After being an OL a few times, I've learned to listen to each of their needs and try to help them based on what they’re actually asking for." 

- Ian, Political Science

Why should other students consider applying for the Imagine UBC OL role?

"It gives you the opportunity to play a monumental role in this important phase of incoming students' academic journey; also, as the face of UBC to new students, you set the tone for their expectations, which is a huge role!" 

- Rotimi, Economics

"You should apply to be an Orientation Leader because it gives you the chance to give back to your faculty community and provide comfort and knowledge to students whose shoes you were once in." 

- Elliot, Urban Forestry

"Each new day serves as an opportunity to grow. That is, to grow in intellect and emotions alike. Being an Orientation Leader opened my eyes to aspects of myself that I was unaware of, and this experience has definitely been a positive one." 

- Parth, Interdisciplinary Studies - Economics

What’s your favourite part of being an Imagine UBC OL?

"The Orientation Leader team was almost like a family, where everyone supported each other throughout the orientation for OLs, during Imagine UBC, and even after Imagine UBC. Imagine UBC would never have been the same if not for the amazing group of supportive peers!" 

- Candice, Undeclared

"Getting to know people in your faculty as you wouldn't have the chance to while everyone is busy during the school year." 

- Steven, Forest Resource Management

"Getting to share knowledge with first-year students, answering their questions, and serving as a mentor-like figure to them." 

- Paul, Psychology

Build your campus community and apply to join your faculty’s Imagine UBC team! Applications open on January 3 and close on February 4, 2018.

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