Bird's eye view of four students studying
March 29, 2017
2 mins read

The best places to study on campus

As exam season draws closer, we face but one question: where should I study?

Whether you’re a quiet lone-wolf type or you study best with your friends, UBC has tons of places that can accommodate your unique studying needs. From busy libraries to secluded classrooms, there are many places you can go to crack open those textbooks and prepare yourself for the ride ahead.

Personally, I like studying with friends in reasonably quiet spaces that allow for chatter. One of our favourite places to study is the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. With a café on the main floor, public computers, printers, and a whole lot of couches, everyone is welcome at IKB. The silent spaces and classrooms are great if you need a quiet work environment, with enough space to spread your books around. For those who need the ambient murmur of whispering or page flipping, IKB offers comfy chairs and tables on the main floors. If you get tired of IKB, simply cross over to Koerner Library. The silent study areas are great places to get some serious reading done.

The NEST is great if you’re the kind of person who thrives in a livelier study space – plus you don’t have to go far when you need a bite to refuel! With seating available from the basement to the fourth floor, the NEST serves well both as a study space and a place to relax while you’re taking a break. On warmer days, the garden on the fourth floor is a nice spot to get some fresh air.

Having lived in residence, I can confidently say that the Rez common areas are great places to get work done. In first-year residences like Totem and Vanier, the cafeteria is open for the greater part of the day while the commons block is open for 24 hours – great for you night owls and early birds alike. As long as you don’t mind the constant buzz of residents roaming about, Rez is a great place to study.

Finally, there’s Orchard Commons and Ponderosa Commons. These two new and notable buildings aren’t just for taking photos in. Orchard Commons pairs residence and classes with its innovative design. You get the best of both worlds with the cafeteria downstairs and the wide variety of classrooms upstairs. Some of the classrooms in Orchard Commons are equipped with LCDs that are fantastic for group study – simply plug in and work away. Ponderosa Commons also offers many new classrooms with comfy chairs and spacious movable tables. My favourite part of studying here? Being able to head to Mercanté for pizza after a long day of reading!

With exam season steadily approaching, look no further – UBC has study spaces for everyone. Just remember to be respectful of the space by keeping it as tidy as you found it!