UBC Clubs
August 17, 2018
3 mins read

Clubs and intramurals

Being a part of a community outside the classroom is a surefire way to connect with others amid the thousands of students on campus.

Whether you enjoy a particular hobby or sport, getting involved with student clubs and/or intramurals at UBC is a great way to meet people and make new friends. Here's how to get started:


A club brings together a unique group of students, connecting people with a specific passion regardless of their faculty or year. In fact, clubs give you the awesome opportunity of rubbing shoulders with like-minded peers whom you might never share a class with. I can almost guarantee that there is a club at UBC for any hobby you like to do on the side—from academic to sporty, artistic, entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and quirky, we have it all!

Now, it’s all fine and dandy to say “join a club” but you may be wondering, "How exactly do I do that?".

There are 2 quick and easy things you can do:

  1. Check out the Imagine UBC Main Event on Sep. 4
    There will literally be hundreds of clubs along Main Mall and you can wander around exploring your options. Sign up on the spot by putting your email down or just browse and ask questions. Either way, this is your first chance to see what’s out there and talk to club members.
  2. Attend Clubs Days
    For a few days in both September and January, clubs will set up booths in the Nest and you can suss out all your options.

Oh, and if you don’t find a club that aligns with your passion, start your own! It’s super easy. That’s the beauty of a large campus: you’ll find other people who’ll want to join your niche club. (How niche is niche, you ask? Let’s just say UBC has a club for storm chasers, for fiddling enthusiasts, and for those interested in loggers’ sports!)

Student attending an arts club at the Audain Art Centre


UBC Recreation provides a variety of team sports at different levels. If you’re just looking for fun, join an intramural league simply to stay active with newfound UBC friends. Or, if you have a more competitive spirit, choose from sports like alpine skiing, dragon boating, field lacrosse, synchronized swimming, and more.

Below are some ways to get moving while meeting new friends!

  1. Stay active every week
    Join the intramural leagues that host weekly games throughout the school semesters. Not only will you get to play a great game week to week, but you’ll also get to bond with teammates.
  2. If you crave competition
    Try UBC Recreation's competitive sports club program. With 11 sports and 13 teams, you’ve got options for getting your game on. 
  3. Participate in drop-in sports
    If you’re interested in playing but can’t commit to a team, drop-in is a great option. Trust me, there’s no better way to get in your weekly fitness than dodging rubber balls in an epic dodgeball game!
  4. Join one-time events
    For example, Day of the LongBoat. You can sign up as an individual or with a team. Either way, you’ll share tons of excitement and energy with other students, so you can make great friends fast.
  5. Find new friends to play with
    If you need help finding teammates, UBC Recreation Intramurals hosts a Facebook Group where players who are looking for a team, and teams that are looking for more players, can connect. Another option is to check out the Free Agent Meetings in early September for a chance to meet other folks interested in being part of an intramural team.
  6. Join the Birdcage
    This student-run group is the hub of UBC’s school spirit. Think of them as the superfans at all Thunderbirds sporting events. Join the Birdcage for $40 and get tickets to all 150 Thunderbirds games, a club T-shirt, and exclusive deals, all while making fellow sport-loving friends!  

And remember, it’s never too late to join a club or an intramural league! Sign up at anytime.

Follow your curiosities; no experience is wasted. You can learn from everything and everyone—and you have the next 4 years to explore your interests and find the perfect group for you!