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October 25, 2017
3 mins read

Cozy spots for fall on campus

UBC is like a city of its own to explore and get to know.

By now, you’ve probably already found some campus hot spots that you’re familiar with. But, with the seasons changing, I’d like to share a few of my personal favourite cozy gems with you:

The Beanery

Tucked away on the east end of campus, near Acadia residence, The Beanery is an awesome place to cozy up with coffee and sink into some well-loved, super-comfy couches. The Beanery feels equally like a place to settle down and power through a paper as it does a place to relax, draw, or chat with a friend. The prices are reasonable, and something about the kitschy atmosphere can make you feel right at home.

The upper level is generally quiet, but without the tense silence of study spaces, while the main floor is a bit livelier. Something about the combination of great food and coffee, the warm atmosphere, and the staff makes the Beanery one of my favourite places to be on campus.

The Bird Nest

Nestled in the atrium of the UBC Student Nest, the Bird Nest is filled with comfy curvy couches. It’s the perfect place to study, nap, or hang out with friends in the hub of campus.

For an extra cozy feeling, you can grab a warm drink or comforting meal from any of your favourite AMS food spots on your way.

The Ridington Room at IKB

Known around these parts as “the Harry Potter room,” the Riddington Room is a majestic, distinguished room inside Irving K. Barber library. The spiral staircase, high ceiling, and portrait-clad walls definitely add an air of magic.

Students studying in Ridington Reading Room

Come here to fill the need to feel like a real academic, working on very important scholarly pursuits. If you prefer to study in total silence, this space is for you, but heads-up: no food is allowed. If you score a spot in one of the comfy chairs facing the window, it’s a sign you’re getting some work done today!

The Village

If UBC is like a small town inside a big city, the Village is downtown. Just a few minutes walk from the Student Union Building (so you don’t have to brave the rain for too long), you’ve got Staples, an all-night McDonalds, Granville Island produce, a dollar store, and a number of restaurants, as well as a food court.

You'll find Vera’s burgers and Red Burrito here too. Both offer drink and meal combos, so the Village is the place to go for a lengthy lunch break or an afternoon off.

Wreck Beach

We’re totally spoiled with beautiful scenery at UBC - wide, wild stretches of ocean under pastel sunsets and dark lush temperate rainforests surround the campus.

Students at wreck beach

In winter, Wreck Beach somehow becomes even more spectacular. The earthy sand and deep blue ocean can be so serene and comforting on a cold day. I love to venture down there with a blanket (and maybe a friend) in tow.

The UBC Aquatic Centre

UBC’s Aquatic Centre is my winter substitute for a beach day. The warm air and subtle sounds of water are so soothing - and they help me focus when I need to study.

There are bleachers above the 50 metre pool that you can stretch out on, and a few tables closer to the entrance that are open to the public (although you’ll be closer to the pool so be mindful of splashing water!).

Koerner’s Pub

Koerner’s Pub is one of my favourite spots on campus. The prices are reasonable, their drink menu is creative, they serve great food, and the atmosphere can’t be beat.

Students hanging out at Koerners Pub

Sitting on the rustic benches with friends can warm you up any time of year. Try the pho nachos for a really special treat!