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December 1, 2017
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Create momentum in 2018

Momentum inspires change—it begins with a single action, an idea, and the desire to grow outwards. 

The UBC Student Leadership Conference (SLC) is the largest student-run conference in Canada. Each year, it welcomes approximately 1,200 delegates who come together to inspire change and action in the community.

A student at a UBC SLC presentation

This year, the theme is Create Momentum and the conference will be held on January 13, 2018. So what exactly happens here and why should you attend?

1. Meet student leaders

The SLC welcomes leaders from all walks of life, ranging from undergraduate to graduate students, as well as faculty, staff, and community members. The diversity of delegates who attend makes the conference a unique opportunity to connect with individuals of varying leadership experience.

Among the delegates are students who run their own organizations and are pioneers in their field, as well as fellow peers who have no idea of their future leadership plans yet but simply want to get involved! This makes the conference a wonderful learning and networking opportunity for all.

2. Tailor-made programming

The day of the conference is like a yummy sandwich. There's an opening and closing ceremony which features inspirational keynote speakers (like George Strombolopolous!) and sandwiched in between are different kinds of 'ingredients' you can choose from. At the SLC, you can customize the structure of your day by selecting different sessions such as living libraries, workshops, and feature presentations.

This year, the conference has two new styles of programming: learning labs, which are experiential learning sessions, and panel discussions, which are hosted by two or more presenters to create insightful dialogue on various leadership topics.

Students reviewing the SLC agenda

3. Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

Regardless of what style of programming you choose, you’re able to explore leadership in many different forms. Whether you’re learning about a new initiative, club, or organization, or you're challenged to look at things from a new perspective, the conference offers delegates the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone.

Conference topics range from diversity and inclusion to wellness, entrepreneurship, and more.

4. Fun lunchtime activities

Because who doesn’t love food? Not only are you given the opportunity to chow down with other student leaders, but during your break, you can also explore the Involvement Fair.

While exploring the Fair's different booths, students are able to gain even more exposure to incredible organizations and initiatives.

Other lunchtime activities vary each year but will include different ways to recharge and make connections. Yoga, silent disco, and improv shows have all been past activities!

A student eating lunch at the SLC

5. A chance to get even more involved

The SLC is not a final destination, but rather a stepping stone to further engagement with the initiatives you’ll get a chance to learn about. Whether it’s joining a new group or starting your own initiative, the choice is up to you!

In fact, applications for the 2019 SLC Planning Committee open on the day of the conference. If you love this year's event and want to work behind the scenes or have ideas on how to improve it, your next opportunity could be as a member of our team!

By attending the SLC, you’re taking the first step in creating the change you'd like to see in your community—which is pretty cool!

Sounds awesome, now what?

Now that you’re totally sold on the conference, you might be wondering, “So how do I register for this amazing full day of fun and learning?”

For more information about the conference and to register, visit

We look forward to seeing you there!

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