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November 16, 2017
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Join the Jump Start team

Jump into a leadership role and give new students an inspiring start.

Have you thought about getting involved in the campus community? Well, applying to be a Jump Start Orientation Leader (OL) could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. 

As a member of the Jump Start team, you’ll welcome first-year students to UBC, sharing your campus tips and tricks while helping to ease their pre-semester nerves. You'll also gain tons of transferable skills to add to your resume like leadership, time management, and communication.

To give you a better idea of what the Jump Start Orientation Leader role is all about, Sofia, Liza, and Romina share their experience and takeaways:

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Sofia, 3rd Year, Arts

What originally drew me to the program was the idea of seeing how Jump Start worked from “behind the scenes” (I was a participant in my first year). The most enjoyable part of being a Jump Start OL was working with first-year students, seeing their interest in the university, and supporting them through the sometimes scary yet incredibly exciting adventure of moving to a different country.

Although being an OL was a rewarding experience, it also comes with the benefits of building and honing skills that are later transferrable to other jobs.

On an interpersonal level, the position really improved my ability to communicate with others, to empathize, and to understand the different backgrounds and frames of reference that influence people’s thoughts and actions. On a more technical level, Jump Start developed my ability to resolve conflicts, to act independently, and to work with and as part of a team.

As a Jump Start OL, I learned to work in a fast-paced environment. This is a great skill to have because it taught me how to manage my time (I needed to get to all the events on time!) and to prioritize tasks that needed to be done within tight deadlines. Also, I now understand the importance and consequences of actions when you are one person in a team of over 150, working to satisfy the needs of more than a thousand new students.

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Liza, 4th Year, Forestry

What I most enjoyed about being a Jump Start OL were all the friendships and connections I made. I loved getting to know students from all around the world and in different faculties.

As a Jump Start OL, I learned how to work with teammates who have different perspectives and opinions. As a natural perfectionist, it’s always easier for me to take the lead on a group task; however, I learned that having input from other people makes any decision so much stronger and easier to implement. Communication is so important.

My experience as a Jump Start OL has taught me to trust not only myself but also everyone around me. I was nervous going into the role, but all the training prepared me for the challenges that would come my way. The skills I learned can also be used in work or volunteer positions I may hold in the future.

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Romina, 2nd Year, Arts

It only takes one person to create an impact. This is probably the most important thing I learned as an orientation leader at Jump Start this past summer. As a Jump Start OL, I was given the power and voice to guide new students, helping them discover the different activities, courses, and opportunities available to them to succeed in their first year at university

As an international student myself, helping other incoming international students start their university career with confidence, enthusiasm, and a group of friends was a challenging yet amazing and fun experience. From working hand in hand with professors from my faculty to organizing scavenger hunts around campus, Jump Start gave me the problem-solving, communication, and assertiveness I needed to excel as a UBC student and at any future job.

On a personal level, Jump Start gave me the confidence to be a true leader, while also giving me the opportunity to work with other students from different faculties and different years, helping me build long-lasting relationships.

The Jump Start Orientation Leader role is a paid position. Application deadline is January 7th.

Apply today at: students.ubc.ca/orientation-leaders

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