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Students visiting MOA
August 14, 2019
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Music, theatre, and art right at your doorstep

There’s a good reason UBC is often considered a city within a city—it even has an Arts & Culture District all its own!

You can experience amazing music, go to the theatre, and see incredible artwork right here on campus. Even better, most of these opportunities are super cheap (or even free) for students. Here’s some of the awesome stuff you can check out:

Take in some music

The UBC School of Music holds concerts throughout the year, from jazz to full-blown symphony orchestras. All of these events have special student discounts and often have first-come-first-serve tickets available for free at the door. You can also stop by the UBC School of Music itself around lunchtime to attend one of their frequent noon-hour concerts—for only $5!

Believe it or not, you can also go to see a fully staged opera right here on campus—or even take part yourself! UBC Opera has a 90-member company and 3 major productions every year, in addition to many smaller engagements. Like all UBC Music events, they offer special discounts for students, so break out your student card (and your opera glasses!) for a truly special evening.

If what you really want are the headliners, Thunderbird Arena occasionally hosts popular artists, but it might hit your wallet harder. Just lay off the late-night study snacks for a week or so, and you’ll have enough saved!

A night at the theatre

Throughout the year, UBC Theatre and Film puts on all kinds of plays—everything from Shakespeare to bold contemporary shows. Not convinced? Most shows are $11.50 for students—more than half off the regular price and you get 10% off at Koerner's Pub when you show your ticket!

Dress up and pretend to be a high roller—just don’t mention the price of your ticket. Tickets for on-campus shows are super affordable and opening nights include a reception where students can meet the cast, crew, and designers, and enjoy free food.

Check out the galleries

There’s a lot of art on campus, from outdoor sculptures to official art galleries that offer exhibits all year long. Plus, admission is free for students!

Admire internationally acclaimed work at the Belkin Gallery, or grab some friends and book a free 45-minute tour of some of the outdoor art installations on campus. 

You can also check out the AHVA Gallery to see what your fellow students are creating. With so much art all around, you’ll never have a dull lunch break again!

Get educated

Not all learning happens inside the classroom. UBC has some super cool museums where you can go to expand your mind.

As you get to know the campus, it’ll be hard to miss the iconic giant whale skeleton at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. The inside of the museum is just as fascinating (plus admission is free for students!).

There’s also the world-renowned Museum of Anthropology (MOA), which is also free for students. Head over there to learn more about Canada’s Indigenous people and check out rotating exhibits on other amazing cultures from around the world. It’s a great way to spend a productive break between classes or a rainy weekend day.

Museum of Anthropology

Find out more

Check out the UBC Arts & Culture District Events Calendar for a full list of events and attractions.