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illustration of fries and ketchup
September 26, 2019
2 mins read

Snacks of UBC: Fries

Snacks of UBC

French fries are one of life’s greatest pleasures. The heat from a crispy potato slice should be enough to warm your body after a rainy walk from The Nest to the Village.

We’re looking for a fry that has the comforting crunch of a fresh russet potato and the right amount of Pacific Ocean salt. A perfect french fry should have the ideal balance between crispy skin and a soft, fluffy inside.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer them plain and some people like to get fancy with it. No matter your preference, what’s essential is the quality of the fry itself.

The ultimate french fry will keep your mouth smiling and your hand reaching for more. So join your favourite potato heads as we embark on a starchy journey to find the best fries at UBC!


5778 University Blvd

Regular Fries

Price: $3.14 (including tax)

Potato texture: Crisp skin to coat the fluffy interior

Seasoning summary: A hint of something more than just salt

Sara: These aren’t just french fries, these are—excuse my french (fries)—les pommes de terres frites.

Jordan: Chunky yet funky, these spuds deserve your finest sauce de ketchup.

Sara: Oui! I can also eat them plain and still get the full fry flavour.

Would you like these fries with that?

Jordan: You bet—beyond meat? More like… beyond my expectations!

Everyone on the planet: *crickets*


5728 University Blvd

Medium Fries

Price: $2.93 (including tax)

Potato texture: Short-lived...

Seasoning summary: ...n’ salty

Jordan: The iconic aroma of these golden potatoes instantly soothes my battered id.

Sara: These are perfect for those late night cravings.

Jordan: The petite cut of the fries makes them easy to inhale when you’re on the go. They demand a fizzy, sugary drink to wash them down, dentists be darned!

Would you like these fries with that?

Sara: Yes, and I’d probably grab another side of fries with this side of fries.

Triple O’s

2015 Main Mall

Regular Fries

Price: $3.14 (including tax)

Potato texture: Fresh out of the fryer goodness

Seasoning summary: Off the charts (in a good way)

Jordan: Tip-top taters, fresh and filled with flavour, perfect potatoes par excellence. Enough alliteration for you?

Sara: They’re so fresh, these fries remind me of my farm days.

Jordan: Didn’t you grow up in the city?

Sara: *breaks into a line dance*

Would you like these fries with that?

Sara: I’ll need the sustenance to fuel these dance moves.

Gather at Place Vanier

1935 Lower Mall

Regular Fries

Price: $4.50 (including tax)

Potato texture: Like a Hollywood leading man—hard on the outside, emotionally soft on the inside.

Seasoning summary: yes

Sara: I’ve eaten these fries after a hard midterm, crying and stress eating with my friends. I feel like these are quintessential to the first year experience.

Jordan: The salt of these fries is enough to dry your post-exam tears.

Sara: I think there’s definitely something poetic about shoveling a handful of these into your mouth in the privacy of your own room too.

Would you like these fries with that?

Jordan: Only if they come with my first year residence friends to snack with.

So don’t be a couch potato—grab your spuddies and get snacking!