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Student participating in a research study
January 25, 2019
2 mins read

Support UBC research and make some extra cash

Do you have long breaks between classes? Want to make some extra cash? Participate in research studies on campus and get gift cards or money.

What are the studies like?

It really depends on what you sign up for. Different labs run different types of studies, all researching various topics. Usually, you can receive at least $10 for 1 hour of your time.

Some I’ve done include:

  • Washing a cup of chocolate syrup with as little water as possible
  • Maintaining eye contact with a stranger for 10 minutes
  • Locating an unknown building on campus without a phone

Sounds interesting, right? Here’s a list of studies to get you started!


Answer questions about your student experience, or do quick tests on the students.ubc.ca website for a gift card. Join the mailing list to be notified.

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Paid Psychology Studies

Because these studies are open to the general public, make sure you review the eligibility requirements before signing up. Usually, you’ll receive cash for your time.

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Visual Cognitive Lab

Get $10 cash for 1 hour of participation. These studies focus mostly on visual intelligence (how the human visual system works to create perceptual experiences), so you may be evaluating dots or lines on screens.

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Bar Lab

Bar Lab runs studies on human behaviour, social attention, and the brain. Past studies include viewing cartoon faces, remembering lists of items, and evaluating photos.

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Marketing Studies

Sauder offers paid studies for UBC students from time to time. You may be providing feedback about a product or a retail company’s online interactions with its customers.

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Motor Skills Lab

UBC Kinesiology researchers run studies investigating human motor learning or movement. Past studies have featured dart-throwing and balance tests.

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Sometimes research units promote their studies via the online job board. Search keywords including “research study”, “participant”, or “paid research study” to browse available studies. Make sure that you’re signing up for UBC research.

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  • Studies aren’t always available. Sign up for notifications.
  • Some studies aren’t just for UBC students. Check eligibility requirements.
  • Spots fill up fast! Once you’re notified of a study, sign up ASAP.
  • Know what you signed up for—read the study description in detail.
  • Don’t book a study too close to your class time!
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early to the study.
  • Give your honest opinion and feedback.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, you may stop at any time.

Good luck maximizing your break time and feel good knowing you’re contributing to UBC research!