ubc farm
August 6, 2019
2 mins read

Uniquely UBC: 9 outdoor spots to check out

This campus has way more than just regular buildings. There are some pretty unique outdoor spaces that you’ll definitely want to explore during your time here.

UBC Farm

Yes, that’s right, an actual working farm. It’s the only working farm in the city of Vancouver. It’s the perfect spot if you want a break from the concrete and glass, and to see where some of the produce sold around campus is grown. 

UBC Skatepark

An excuse to “hit the books” all afternoon, literally—there’s a massive book sculpture on the edge of the rink! This skatepark was one of the first on a university campus in North America.  

UBC Botanical Garden's Greenheart TreeWalk

Ever wanted to see Vancouver's coastal temperate rainforest from a bird’s-eye view? Well, now you can. This unique feature is a series of 20-metre high walkways suspended from huge trees, some of which are over 100 years old. If you’re seeking a bit of a thrill and want to learn about the forests surrounding this campus, check out this hidden gem.

Roots on the Roof

This green space is a special feature in the AMS Nest. The vegetables from the rooftop garden are sold around campus—adding to the many sustainable spaces on campus.

Nitobe Garden

Your personal meditation spot on campus. Considered to be one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in North America, Nitobe is free for students to enter—all you have to do is show your UBCcard.

Wreck Beach

Test your leg strength on the 500 stairs down to the sand and enjoy the vast expanse of ocean in front of you. Keep in mind, Wreck is Vancouver’s only clothing-optional beach, so while the views are stunning, you may get an eyeful.

UBC Rose Garden

Take a stroll to the end of Main Mall during a break and experience the exceptional view of the mountains—the perfect backdrop to UBC's picturesque Rose Garden. It’s a prime Instagram location on campus.

The Knoll

Right outside the AMS Nest, this grassy hill is the perfect place to eat lunch on a sunny day. Students demanded that the Knoll remain as a feature after the construction of the new Nest, so it is a treasured grass space on campus. 

Pacific Spirit Park

This 874-hectares park located in the University Endowment Land offers 73 km of trails amid old-growth trees and a boardwalk across a bog. If you ever need to take a walk through nature, this network of trails is your answer.