graduating student taking a photo
February 2, 2018
2 mins read

What do you want to do before you graduate?

Being in the final semester of your undergrad can feel pretty weird.

It’s the last few steps before the finish line...the final level of the game...that last California roll on the tray that you really should eat even though you’re not exactly hungry anymore.

It may feel like the final slog, but it’s also the climactic moment.

Anytime I start to consider what graduating means, one thought pops into my head: Have I made the most of my time here?

Being at UBC (and being a student in general) means you have access to a lot of cool stuff, but it’s pretty easy to forget about the opportunities and facilities that make UBC unique when you’re in the middle of it all.

So (cue Sarah Jessica Parker voice) I started to wonder: What do my fellow graduating students want to do before we’re out of here for good? What is on the graduating students’ bucket list?

Here are some great answers to inspire you to get out there and experience student life while you still can:

“I've always wanted to wander down to Wreck Beach to catch one of the stunning sunsets. Living off campus has made this difficult, but I'm determined to do it before I graduate in May.”

  • Emma Madden-Krasnick, Arts

“In my last semester at UBC, I hope to finally Storm the Wall, as it’s been 5 years and I haven’t done that yet. I would also like to experience Wreck Beach 'in its formal attire'! Finally, I look forward to my last Block Party—it’s one big goodbye to this amazing university.”

  • Mohamed Shaaban, Science

“I’ve always wanted to perform at an open mic night on campus before I graduate. So one of these Thursdays before May, I’ll make it to the stage!”

  • Sarah-Louise Carter, Arts

“After five hard-fought years, I really hope to achieve a balanced lifestyle between academic success and my health.”

  • Santiago Tomassi, Science

“Before I graduate this summer, I would like to go climbing at the Aviary. I've always wanted to go try that out before, but never seem to have time.”

  • David Morales, Science

"In my final semester, I would like to try all the Blue Chip cookies and do the Undie Run. I've always wanted to participate in the Undie Run, but have been too shy, so this is the year of conquering fears! (And I like cookies, so why not?)

  • Karishma Shah, Forestry

Whether your future path is set or you’re heading out into a sea of question marks, now is your time to say a proper goodbye to an important stage in your life.

From participating in official UBC events, to taking advantage of campus amenities and everything in between, graduating students are squeezing every last drop out of student life their last semester!