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September 17, 2021
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You're a member of the AMS—what does that mean?

As the largest student union in Canada, the AMS—or the Alma Mater Society—is your student society and we're here to support you no matter what. Through our 350+ clubs, university advocacy, student services, and more, we work to make your UBC experience the best it can possibly be. 

I got involved with student leadership and the AMS because of my passion for helping others through their UBC journey.

Being a student at university is supposed to be one of the most valuable and incredible experiences of your lifetime, and I love the fact that I’m able to support so many of my peers on a daily basis to make their UBC experience amazing. 

Established in 1915, the AMS is an independent student society that operates separately from UBC. To support our members, we operate a $30 million budget annually that’s funded through student fees and revenues from our services and businesses.

The AMS is non-profit organization, so that means that all of that money goes directly towards supporting students just like you. All UBC students are automatically members of the AMS, which means that you get to take advantage of all the AMS has to offer. 

The AMS Nest

The centre of student life on campus

The AMS Nest is the largest student union building in Canada and is fully operated by the AMS. With over 250,000 square feet of space designed specifically for students, there's something here for everyone. The AMS Nest also has a mandatory face covering policy in effect, so make sure you have a face covering with you. 


The AMS Nest is packed full of healthy, affordable, and delicious food options that will satisfy any craving. Head on over to Blue Chip Cafe and try one of our famous Blue Chip Cookies with your morning coffee, and then come join us later in the day for a drink on our gorgeous rooftop patio at the Gallery Patio + Lounge. There are plenty of other food options in the Nest too, so there will always be something for everyone.


You're going to be spending lots of time studying during your time here at UBC, so you may as well do it in a beautiful building made just for you! The AMS Nest has numerous study spots to fit your preferences. Love being in the action? There are tables and seating all around the lower levels that are perfect for group projects or lunch meetings. Love to work with a view? Check out our bar-style seating around the upper levels of the building. Need some peace and quiet? Be sure to check out our new study spaces along the east side of the building.


The AMS Nest is truly the heart of student life at UBC, and there's always something going on here. Attend fun events and meet new friends with AMS Events—our own events team. Painting and wine, live comedy nights, puppy therapy sessions, and the largest university musical festivals in Western Canada are just some of the many awesome events we host. For those of you who are 19+, be sure to check out The Pit Pub—one of UBC's favourite establishments—when it reopens to the public. 

AMS Clubs

Get involved and meet new friends

You know that thing you love doing? There’s a club for that. The AMS operates all 350+ of UBC’s student clubs, and they can all be found on our newly launched AMS CampusBase. You can also attend AMS Clubs Day every September and January to visit your favourite clubs in person or virtually. Clubs are the perfect way to meet new friends while doing what you love. 

Can’t find a club that does what you’re looking for? Check out the AMS website to find out how you can start your own club.

AMS Services

Support whenever you need it

The AMS operates a number of super useful and accessible services that can help you with a variety of challenges. From tutoring to mental health support, we’re here for you. Many of our services are also operating digitally, so you can access support no matter where you are.

AMS Peer Support

If stress, substance use, or another issue is affecting your wellbeing, AMS Peer Support can help. AMS Peer Support provides free, confidential, one-on-one peer support for students facing a wide variety of challenges.

AMS Safewalk

Travel securely across campus after dark. If you feel unsafe getting from Point A to Point B, AMS Safewalk teams can get you there safely.

AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC)

A fully independent, confidential sexual assault support centre on campus, the AMS SASC provides education, support, and empowerment for people of all genders who are survivors of sexualized violence, as well as their friends, family, and peers.

AMS Food Bank

For students facing food insecurity, the AMS Food Bank is ready to help, providing various non-perishable foods, personal hygiene supplies, and information on other available resources.

AMS Tutoring

When you need help making the grade, AMS Tutoring offers group and private tutoring sessions in a number of subjects. Tutoring can help with coursework, assignments, exam reviews, and more.

AMS Advocacy

If you’re facing a bureaucratic challenge or are up against one of UBC’s disciplinary committees, AMS Advocacy is on your side, ready to advocate on your behalf. From parking tickets to disputes with faculty, we can help. 

AMS Entrepreneurship Hub (eHub)

Got a great business idea but unsure of how to make it happen? AMS eHub will help you explore your options and get you from step 1 to the finish line.

Everything else

There’s so much more to explore


Who even runs this place? The AMS is led by 5 elected student Executives—a President (that’s me!) and 4 Vice-Presidents. These 5 student Executives are supported by a professional senior management team, and at its peak, the AMS employs over 600 employees and volunteers across the organization. 

The highest decision-making body at the AMS is the AMS Council, which is made up of elected student representatives from across all of UBC’s faculties and schools. 


As your student union, we’re responsible for advocating on behalf of UBC students to the university as well as all levels of government. Our advocacy has resulted in things such as more affordable textbooks, lower interest rates on student loans, a fall reading break, and accessible transit to UBC. 

Elections and getting involved

Every March, 5 new student Executives are elected by the AMS membership to serve 1-year terms, and as long as you’re an AMS member, you can run for election! You can also start your AMS journey by running for election in one of UBC’s undergraduate societies, where you can either serve as a representative on the AMS Council, or head up your own Executive portfolio.

Not ready to jump into an election yet? You can also seek nomination as a student-at-large to AMS Committees, or you can apply to one of our many exciting student staff positions. Stay tuned to our AMS social media accounts for all the latest updates. 

As your AMS President, I’m here for you whenever you need me.

I always love getting emails from students with questions about the work we do, how to get involved, or just about UBC in general.

You can always reach me at president@ams.ubc.ca, or follow me on Instagram at @colejevans.

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