Scholarships and awards for current students

Scholarships, awards, and prizes are provided by the University and many other donors and are usually based on academic performance. While most do not require that you indicate financial need, some combine need and merit. 

Maintaining your award

Read the UBC Regulations Governing University Awards for important information on course load requirements and maintaining eligibility for your scholarship or award.

The table below is an overview of awards available to a range of students. Please visit each award page for details on eligibilty.

  • New and prospective students: visit for detailed information on awards and financial support for incoming students.
  • Graduate students: you can find more awards and funding options on the Graduate + Postdoctoral Studies website.
Name Description Application period
Trek Excellence Scholarship Academic awards granted to the top continuing students. No application required
Recommended awards Merit-based awards based on strong academic performance and community leadership. Selected by faculties. No application required
Awards for Aboriginal students Need and merit-based awards for Aboriginal Students. March-May
Affiliation scholarships and bursaries Awards and bursaries for students connected to a specific club or group. March-May
Scholarships for women in part-time study Academic awards for women enrolled in less than 80% of a full-time course load. March-May
Students going on exchange Awards for students going on exchange. March-May
Premier Undergraduate and Wesbrook Scholarships Awarded to senior students with outstanding academics, leadership, and community involvement. August-October
Awards for students with disabilities Need and merit-based awards for students with disabilities August-October
Rhodes Scholarship Scholarships to Oxford University. One student from every province is chosen each year. September
The Association of Latin American Students Award Offered by the Association of Latin American Students at UBC to international undergraduate students in any year of study. September
International Community Achievement Award Offered to international undergraduate students with demonstrated community leadership and intercultural engagement. September

Tax information

Receiving an award means that you'll be required to submit a T4A form at tax time. Make sure your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Individual Tax Number (ITN) is updated on the SSC as soon as possible so that we can process your T4A form. Applying for the ITN can take up to two months, so apply early. 

Common questions

  • Can I get an exception if I'm not taking enough credits?

    In some cases, you can be eligible for scholarships with a reduced credit load. To be given consideration, submit the following:
    • a letter that describes your situation and the scholarship you are applying for to your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP).
    • documentation from a medical professional of a disability, illness or ongoing medical situation with recommendations for a reduced course load to Access and Diversity.


  • My award doesn't cover all my expenses. What can I do?

    Check out our Financial Toolkit to help you manage your finances, or meet with an Enrolment Services Professional for personalized financial advice.