Peer Programs

Give back to fellow students.

Peer Programs is a network of student teams that strive to improve the UBC student experience through programs and events in areas like academics, careers, and personal development. These teams are structured, advised, and supported by UBC staff. They offer a great opportunity to build your own skills and experience through training and program implementation while giving back to the campus community.

Become a Peer Leader

Applications close January 31, 11:59 pm.


Coaching Peer Programs provide individualized support in the form of a one-on-one strengths-based conversation with a fellow student, referrals to campus resources as appropriate, and co-creation of a plan of action.

Academic Success Coaches at the Canaccord Learning Commons

Senior Sauder students, acting as Academic Success Coaches, support students in creating individualized study plans and applying practical strategies in areas such as time management and exam preparation in order to achieve academic success at Sauder.

Science Peer Academic Coaches

The SPAC team is a group of about 30 students who are interested in supporting, enhancing, and developing the academic experiences of their peers and building a sense of community within the Faculty of Science.

Career Peer Coaches

Career Peer Coaches focus on helping students understand and describe their competencies (knowledge, skills), interests, values, and personal characteristics.

Events and Peer Advising

Events and Peer Advising Peer Programs share a common goal of supporting students in their experience at UBC. This can include helping students navigate academics, careers and personal wellbeing, through points of service or timely and relevant events that reach particular groups of students who need support and guidance.​

Sauder Transition Team

As a Sauder Transition Leader, your role will be to guide the new students and help them navigate through their academic, career and personal need.

LFS Academic & Career Engagement Team

The LFS Academic and Career Engagement Team (ACE Team) is a part of the Events and Peer Advising Peer Programs cluster which shares a common goal of supporting students in their experience at UBC.

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SCI Team

SCI Team members support Science students through their professional and personal development by providing thoughtful and intentional interactions with their peers.

Vantage Peer Mentors

The Vantage Peer Mentors connect Vantage One students to the wider UBC community. Vantage Peer Mentors prepare a variety of interactive social programming for current Vantage One students throughout the year.

Social change

Social Change Peer Programs are for student leaders interested in personal, collaborative, and community engaged learning to gain greater self-knowledge and leadership competence towards sparking positive social and environmental change.

Equity Ambassadors

Social justice and dedication to promoting human rights and inclusivity for all students, staff, and faculty is the common goal for all Equity Ambassadors.

Reading Week Student Leader Program

Reading Week Student Leaders collaborate with diverse stakeholders to plan and implement community service learning projects over the reading week break.

Sustainability Ambassadors

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program leads and inspires the UBC community to learn more about sustainability and to embed sustainable principles and practices into everyday life.

Trek Student Leader Program

Trek Student Leaders provide peer-to-peer learning support for 100+ students in the Trek Program through program events and other learning activities.

Wellness Peer Programs

Peer Programs share a common goal of enhancing individual and campus health and wellbeing through health education, promotion and services.

Graduate Wellness Peers

Graduate Wellness Peers help enhance campus wellbeing by sharing evidence-based health information, and connecting students with health-related resources on and off campus. The Graduate Wellness Peers are part of the Wellness Peer Program which supports students’ wellness by promoting proactive, wellness strategies to students, so that they are able to achieve academic and personal success.

Wellness Peers

Using a peer-to-peer approach, the Wellness Peers acknowledge and support individuals through health education, and support the community through health promotion.

Emergency Medical Aid Team

EMAT First Responders provide standby/on-call first aid coverage at student, staff/faculty and community events on the UBC Vancouver campus. Members must attend ongoing training and maintain certification.

Suicide Awareness Ambassadors

Under the direction of the Suicide Awareness Committee co-chairs, the Suicide Awareness Ambassadors support the Committee's mandate by reducing stigma about suicide, increasing awareness about warning signs, and making information available to all campus members.