Imagine UBC

Start imagining the possibilities

On the first day of classes, campus is transformed and over 9000 new-to-UBC students and over 1000 faculty, student, and staff volunteers come together to welcome you to your new academic community and celebrate the start of the school year.

Imagine the day

On Tuesday, September 5, you will come together with the entire Class of 2021 for the first and only time while you’re at UBC to be formally welcomed to the University and celebrate the start of your UBC journey.

And what a celebration it will be. Campus will be transformed on this one day to provide you with the chance to meet some great people, including your Dean, some of your future professors, and other students taking similar courses to you. This will be your opportunity to learn about your new academic environment and specific expectations of your Faculty, as well as meet people and make friends, before classes start the next day.

At the Pep Rally, you will be treated to a number of performances from various members of the UBC community. Afterwards, attend the Main Event, where you can see and sample the many opportunities and experiences available to you during your time at the University, and start thinking about how you want to make the most of your UBC experience.

Class replacement
In 2008 Senate approved ALL undergraduate classes on the first day of Winter Term 1 be replaced by Imagine UBC (with the exception of those classes that begin at, or after 5pm and meet only once per week). 

If you have a disability or medical condition that may affect your full participation in orientations, please contact as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to ensure full participation.

Wondering what the day will look like?

In August, you will receive an email with your personalized Imagine UBC schedule. The core components of your schedule include:



Morning Meeting

Get introduced to your Orientation Leader and the group that you will be spending Imagine UBC with.



Grab your free lunch and take a break from the day's excitement.


Meet a Prof

This is your chance to meet a professor from your faculty, before classes have even begun!


Pep Rally

Come together with the class of 2020 and celebrate your faculty pride.


Main Event

Explore opportunities to get involved on campus.

We invite you to wear clothing in your faculty or school colours. Find yours below!

Looking back at UBC Orientations

See and share your stories from UBC Orientations 2015 Read more

Imagine it's just the beginning

Your orientation doesn't end at Imagine UBC. You are invited to participate in a number of exciting events being hosted from across the university, each designed to welcome you to your new home, help you learn about your new academic setting, find your communities on campus and make friends.

Events in your Faculty

A great way to help you get oriented to life in your Faculty is by attending an Undergraduate Society event.

Your Undergraduate Society is the student government located in your faculty. Events they host vary between faculties, but they are all designed to help you have fun, meet people and find your place in your Faculty community. Learn more about your faculty/school’s specific programming:

Aboriginal Students

The First Nations House of Learning offers additional orientations opportunities for Aboriginal Students.

Other events happening on campus

See a comprehensive listing of events happening on campus. 

If you're moving into UBC Residences

See what's planned during your first week to help you settle in to your new home. 

If you're commuting to campus

Find out more about the UBC Collegia program

University-wide events & activities

September 3-17

Connect with students from across the University during AMS Firstweek. There are a number of events to choose from, including a comedy show, pool party and shopping trip.

September 13

Aboriginal students are invited to the First Nations House of Learning Welcome BBQ to connect with the Longhouse community and the many resources offered.

September 8

New international students who didn't participate in Jump Start are invited to get crucial information regarding immigration and health insurance on Sept. 8 from 11:30AM - 1:00PM and 4:30PM - 6:00PM at the International House.

September 12-18

Participate in free recreation classes and sample the many ways you can stay active, at the UBC Recreation Open House.

September 17

Homecoming is the perfect way to have some fun with the UBC community, take part in campus traditions, and cheer on the UBC Thunderbirds.

September 21-23

Explore the 350+ AMS clubs on campus at AMS Clubs Days. Clubs are a great way to try new things and explore your different interests, in addition to helping you find small communities on campus. If you don't see a club that appeals to you, consider starting your own!


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