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Contacting Enrolment Services

Timely information

CWL reset

Forgot your username and/or password?

Paying tuition?

Wondering where to start? Learn about your payment options and see the SSC or the UBC calendar for tuition, student, program, faculty and administrative fees.

When will my payment appear on my Student Service Centre account?

Interac Online payments appear within minutes, while Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and card payments may take a few days.

How do I increase the limit (daily limit or transactional limit) on my card to make the payment?

You can call your bank’s toll free phone number, which is usually on the back of your card. When you get through to an advisor, you can ask them to increase your limit to an amount that covers the cost of your fees (and anything extra) for the day.

Applying for a study permit

Students who are not a Canadian citizens or permanent residents need to apply for a permit as soon as possible. Find out what is required

Registering for courses

Find your registration date, details on how to register and watch a video tutorial about the course schedule.