Student Health Service family doctors and registered nurses can help you take care of your health.

Student Health Service

Student Health Service offers a variety of health care services to help you live well, feel good, and achieve your goals. Our family doctors and registered nurses can help you take care of your physical and mental health so that you’re able to have the best university experience possible.

Urgent concerns

Need help right away? Please let reception know you'd like to be seen for a same-day urgent appointment.

If you have immediate safety concerns for yourself or others, call 9.1.1.

Health advisory: Fentanyl can be deadly

Fentanyl may be hiding in the illicit drugs you’re using. You won’t see it, smell it or taste it, but it can kill you. Be drug smart.

Health care services available to UBC students

Who can use Student Health Service?

Student Health Service offers care for registered UBC students year-round. Our physicians can also act as your family doctor while you are a student at UBC.

Care is available for

  • All registered UBC students
  • Students of another institution who are visiting UBC or attending for a semester or a single course
  • Students of UBC-affiliated colleges (e.g. Regent College)
  • Students of the English Language Institute


Reach out

University life is exciting and challenging. Sometimes it’s possible to manage challenges on your own, while other times you may need support. It’s OK to reach out and ask for help if you need it.