Registering with the Centre for Accessibility


By registering with the Centre for Accessibility, you can request disability accommodations and discuss options with your Accessibility Advisor.

First, read the information on this page to find out if you’re eligible to be registered with the Centre for Accessibility. If you meet the requirements, follow Step 4 below to complete an Information Form.

A Centre for Accessibility staff member will contact you in 7 business days to set up a meeting with an Accessibility Advisor, who will walk you through potential academic accommodations and confirm your registration with the Centre.

All intake appointments are scheduled for one hour, except for prospective students and those in the Real Estate program or affiliate colleges.

Step 1. Determine if registration is right for you

The types of conditions supported by the Centre for Accessibility include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, or bipolar disorder
  • Neurological disabilities such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, head injuries, and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Chronic health conditions including ongoing medical conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, or migraines
  • Physical or sensory disabilities, such as visual impairment, hearing loss, or mobility impairments

The Centre does not provide diagnostic services. Typically, if you suspect that you have a condition and have not been previously diagnosed, please first consult a healthcare provider to discuss your concerns before registering with the Centre.

The exception is if you’re seeking a psychoeducational (psych-ed) assessment to confirm a suspected learning disability in reading, written expression, or math. Psych-ed assessments must be conducted by a Registered Psychologist and are generally expensive. Before proceeding, we recommend you submit the Information Form in Step 4 to book an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor. You can then discuss with the Advisor whether this is the right path for you and the available options and resources for getting an assessment.

The Centre will typically only require a psych-ed as documentation to confirm specific learning disabilities. For documenting ADHD and other neurological conditions that may also impact learning, please read the general documentation requirements.

Step 2. Understand your options

Your Accessibility Advisor will identify academic accommodations you're eligible for, such as:

  • Alternate format materials beyond print
  • Assistive technology (e.g., software and specialized equipment)
  • Captioning and ASL interpretation
  • Class note taker
  • Exam accommodations

Learn more about the types of academic accommodations available.

Step 3. Gather your medical documentation

You must provide medical documentation prepared by a professional who is qualified to diagnose your specific disability or medical condition. When you are gathering your documentation, make sure it meets the documentation requirements.

If you do not have documentation, you may not be able to schedule an appointment with an advisor. However, if you have out-of-date documentation, or if you find that getting medical documentation in advance is a major barrier, please explain your circumstances on the Information Form when booking your appointment. The Centre can meet with you and discuss limited accommodations without documentation in exceptional circumstances.

Step 4: Complete the Information Form

Complete the Centre for Accessibility Information Form and upload your medical documentation.

After your form is received, a Centre for Accessibility staff member will contact you in 7 business days to set up a meeting with an Accessibility Advisor. The Advisor will walk you through potential academic accommodations and confirm your registration with the Centre.

After your appointment, your Accessibility Advisor will determine the academic accommodations you're eligible for.

If you are not able to meet on campus, you can arrange for a phone or Zoom appointment. If you opt for a phone appointment, you will be responsible for initiating the call at the appointed time.

Once you’re registered

After you have met with an advisor and registered with the Centre, please log in to Clockwork to access your accommodation letter and/or to book an exam.

If you have questions