Registering with the Centre of Accessibility


By registering with the Centre of Accessibility, you can request a new academic concession or disability accommodation, and discuss options with your Accessibility Advisor.

First, to register with the Centre for Accessibility, you must meet with an Accessibility Advisor. Please complete the steps below before an advisor can contact you to set up the appointment.

All intake appointments are scheduled for one hour except for prospective students and those in the Real Estate program or affiliate colleges.

Step 1. Explore these topics to see if this is right for you.

Step 2. Gather your medical documentation

You must provide medical documentation prepared by a professional who is qualified to diagnose your specific disability or medical condition. Before submitting your documentation, make sure you meet documentation standards.

If you do not have documentation, you may not be able to schedule an appointment with an advisor. 

If securing medical documentation in advance is a major barrier, please explain it on the Information Form when booking your appointment. The first step should be to meet with a healthcare provider to discuss your concerns.

Step 3. Book your appointment

Complete the Centre for Accessibility Information Form online and upload your medical documentation. 

Your form and documentation will be reviewed and you will be contacted to book an appointment with an Accessibility Advisor.

After your appointment, your Accessibility Advisor will determine the academic accommodations you're eligible for.

You can arrange for a phone appointment if you are not able to meet on campus. You will be responsible for initiating the call at the appointed time.

Once you’re registered

Accommodation letter and exam reservation request

Once you have met with an advisor and registered with the Centre, please log in to access your accommodation letter and/or to book an exam.

Student log-in

If you have questions