UBC Accessibility Shuttle Terms of service

UBC Accessibility Shuttle policies

The UBC Accessibility Shuttle is available to all students, staff, faculty, residents, and visitors who have temporary or permanent conditions that impact mobility.

UBC aims to provide on-time service to support accessibility on campus; however, you may still need to wait a few minutes for your pick-up. Due to weather, construction, traffic detours, and other unforeseen conditions, you may be taken on an indirect route to your destination. 

Failure to respect Accessibility Shuttle policies and staff may lead to the suspension of privileges.

Shuttle bookings and cancellations

  • You must book the Accessibility Shuttle in advance by phone at 604 822 9929.

  • The Accessibility Shuttle will not pick up individuals who have not made a reservation.

  • If you change your mind or no longer need the service, please cancel the request immediately by calling the dispatcher at 604 822 9929. You may leave a voice message if your call is not answered.

Shuttle pick-up and drop off

  • The shuttle stops at designated stops only. Please check the shuttle service map for a list of campus stops.

  • Riders should arrive at their designated pick-up location on time. Drivers will wait a maximum of 5 minutes before moving on to the next client. Riders who do not show up on time or who do not cancel their booking before their pick-up will be flagged. Continuously missing rides may cause your riding privileges to be suspended. 

  • Accessibility Shuttle riders are limited to 3 rides per day.

Situations where clients are denied service

Employees reserve the right to deny service if:

  • The client is intoxicated and shuttle staff feel that the client is unable to care for themselves or consent to a trip.

  • The shuttle staff or property is at risk of harm.

  • The client fails to respect program policies or staff.

UBC Accessibility Shuttle Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to make your experience and the experience of your fellow riders as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Access areas only within the designated route

The UBC Accessibility Shuttle has a designated route and stops. Please do not ask the shuttle driver or dispatcher to schedule rides or make stops outside the designated area. To access areas outside of the shuttle route, you will need to make other arrangements, such as HandyDART or UBC Parking.

Call and schedule your ride ahead of time

Try to schedule shuttle rides as far ahead as possible. The scheduling system works on a first-come, first-served basis.

Call the dispatch line at 604 822 9929 to schedule a ride. You may leave a voice message if your call is not answered. You will receive a call back regarding your request by the end of the next business day.

Shuttle drivers are not able to call clients directly. All calls must go through the dispatcher.

Be on time or cancel as early as possible

If you must cancel a ride, please be courteous to others and cancel the ride with the dispatcher as soon as possible. You may leave a voice message if your call is not answered.

The shuttle will wait a maximum of 5 minutes before moving on to the next client and you will be marked as a "no-show." If you are marked 3 "no-shows" in a single academic semester, you may lose your riding privileges.

Food and drink on the shuttle

Open food or beverages are not permitted on the shuttle. You are allowed to have a beverage in a closed container. 

Read the Accessibility Shuttle policies

Please be respectful of UBC Accessibility Shuttle policies. If you have any questions or concerns, email the Campus Accessibility Coordinator at accessibility.shuttle@ubc.ca.

Accessibility shuttle stop map

Stop Locations accessibility shuttle

Shuttle stop locations

The following locations are shown in the map above.

  1. North Parkade: At the west end of Student Union Boulevard, under the shelter
  2. Learners' Walk: Off Learners' Walk just east of the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre (IRSHDC)
  3. Buchanan: On the north side of Memorial Road at Learners' Walk
  4. Koerner Library: At the north end of the Library just off Main Mall
  5. Flagpole Plaza: At the northwest corner of Flagpole Plaza near elevator to Rose Garden Parkade
  6. Memorial Parking Lot: At southeast corner of West mall and Memorial road, across from walkway to 2nd level of the Fraser River Parkade
  7. First Nations Longhouse: Outside Longhouse by loading zone on Lower Mall, near walkway to Longhouse Lower Mall entrance
  8. Marine Drive Residence: South of parking lot outside Marine Drive Residence Building #4, near The Point Grill
  9. West Parkade: On West Mall, at south end of Swing Space Building, next to 4th level parkade exit
  10. Henry Angus: On the west side of Main Mall at walkway to Henry Angus Building main doors
  11. Neville Scarfe: On the west side of Main Mall at walkway to Neville Scarfe Building main doors
  12. Earth Sciences: On the west side of Main Mall at the north end of Earth Sciences Building
  13. H.R MacMillan: On the west side of Main Mall at walkway to the south end of H.R. MacMillan building
  14. Hugh Dempster: On Engineering Road in front of Hugh Dempster Pavilion entrance
  15. Health Sciences Parkade: Off Health Sciences Mall across the street from the parkade at pick-up and drop-off area next to UBC Hospital Purdy Pavilion
  16. Alumni Centre: On East Mall at west end of the Alumni Centre