Vantage Peer Mentors

Plan events to help build connections and strong first-year support networks.


Who can apply?

Former students in the Vantage One Program, or current students scheduled for completion of program in July 2018.

No. of positions available10
Time commitment

2-4 hours per week

*for detailed time requirements, please review position description

Position description

Vantage Peer Mentors Position Description 2019-2020

Skills developed

Enhance leadership skills in the areas of communication, team-building, personal and professional growth, networking, and thoughtful inclusion of others

Gain experience in identifying, organizing and facilitating events that effectively meet the needs and interests of a target audience

Gain experience in hiring and recruitment best practices


Application Process

Complete the application using the link below. You will be required to respond to 3 short answer questions.

Application is now closed.

More info

Learn more here.