Vantage Peer Mentors

Plan events to help build connections and strong first-year support networks.

About the role

The Vantage Peer Mentors are a group of Vantage alumni students, passionate about fostering social connections and providing peer support to the Vantage One cohort. This includes event planning, peer-led communications campaigns, and working with staff and faculty members for student engagement initiatives. 

Who can apply?

You must be a current or former student in the Vantage One program to apply. 

There are 10 - 12 positions available. See the Vantage Peer Mentor Program for more information.

Time commitment

The time commitment is 3-5 hours per week. For detailed time requirements, please review position description.

Position description

Skills developed

  • Teamwork
  • Event Planning 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Communications 
  • Empathy
  • Peer Support
  • Organization

Application process

For the application, you will be required to respond to 3 short answer questions as a part of the application: 

  1. Why do you want to be involved as a student leader? 
  2. What do you hope to learn through the role? 
  3. Please identify 2-3 strengths and/or qualities that will help you in the role. Be sure to refer to your past experiences that have helped you develop them.