Imagine UBC Orientation Leaders

About Imagine UBC

Imagine UBC is the university’s biggest back-to-school event, welcoming thousands of new students to the UBC community. The day is full of exciting opportunities to meet others and learn about UBC. New students will get to know the campus, find out more about their faculty or school, meet a professor, connect with a small group of students from their faculty or school, and more.

About the position

Orientation Leaders guide a small group of new students through their Imagine UBC experience, and help build an engaged community of new-to-UBC students.

Time commitment, responsibilities, and position requirements vary depending on your faculty, school, or program. 

What you'll get out of the role

  • Learn about building respectful and inclusive communities.
  • Develop leadership, facilitation, and teamwork skills.
  • Meet other students in your faculty or school.
  • Find out about involvement and resources in the UBC community.

How to apply

Applications are now closed for 2024.