Launch a career in Canada

Launch a Career in Canada

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

Launch a Career in Canada is UBC’s annual networking event dedicated to supporting the career development of UBC International Students. International students have the opportunity to connect with Industry Professionals, many of whom were once International Students, and learn how they made a successful transition from UBC to the Canadian workplace.

Discover how industry professionals across different sectors launched their careers in Canada. 

Learn more about the Canadian job market and gain valuable and practical tips on establishing a career in Canada. The event will feature:

  1. A Panel of Industry Professionals / Alumni who were previously UBC International Students (moderated by current international students)
  2. Roundtable Speed Networking Sessions. You'll have the opportunity to ask international alumni about their experiences & advice
  3. A Networking Reception. Connect during a networking reception (refreshments and appetizers will be served). 

This event is limited to current international UBC students.

Registration is $10 (GST included, non-refundable). To register online, click HERE. If you're unable to register online, please visit the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers front desk or email us.

Attending professionals

Click on tabs below to view the alumni / industry professionals attending the event!

2018 Attendees

Aarti Rupani, Manager, Product and Operational Excellence

  • Organization: Zafin
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • 2014, Sauder School of Business

Ahmed Shahbaz, Systems Developer, Investment Analytics

  • Organization: CC&L Financial Group
  • Industries: Banking and Financial Services, Engineering, Engineering Consulting, Information Technology  
  • 2013, Faculty of Applied Sciences, MEng

Aletha Utimati, Associate Project Manager

  • Organization: UBC - Infrastructure Development
  • Industries: Construction, Trades, Renovation and Painting
  • 2015, Faculty of Applied Sciences                

Ali Hussein, Housing Youth Worker (Panelist)

  • Organization: Pacific Community Resources Society
  • Industries: Non-Profit Organization
  • Faculty of Arts, Political Science, International Relations                                                                                                             

Amir Tangestani, BIM/Technology Manager

  • Organization: Kasian Architecture
  • Industry: Consulting
  • 2011, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Construction Management

Andrew Bai, EIT                             

  • New Graduate               
  • 2017, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Structural and Earthquake Engineering                                                             

Archie Ganesha, Operation Manager

  • Organization: Imperial Oil
  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • 2008, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Business, Executive MBA

Armando Elias, Client Partner, Consulting Services

  • Organization: SAP
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • 2013 , Sauder School of Business, MBA

Arya Shao, Academic Advisor

  • Organization: Universal Learning Institute
  • Industry: Education, Training and Technology
  • 2017, Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy                                                                                              

Ashish Joseph, Technical Recruiter

  • Organization: MatchBox Consulting Group
  • Industries: Human Resources and Recruitment
  • 2015, Sauder School of Business - Human Resources

Brian Cheung, Business Analyst

  • Organization: Telus
  • Industries: Project Management and Business Analysis
  • 2010 , Faculty of Arts, Major Economics, Minor International Relations                      

Charlene Wee, Performance Auditor

  • Organization: Auditor General for Local Government
  • Industries: Government and Public Administration
  • Faculty of Education (2003), Masters Feminist Approaches to Social Justice in Education; Faculty of Arts (1999)

Chichi Wang, Associate

  • Organization: Earnscliffe Strategy Group
  • Industries: Consulting
  • 2009, Sauder School of Business, Human resources

Cynthia Bai, Associate

  • Organization: UBC
  • Industries: Education
  • 2012, Sauder School of Business, Bachelor of Commerce

Cynthia Ma, Financial Analyst

  • Organization: Ming Pao Daily News
  • Industries: Restaurant and Hospitality
  • 2017, Faculty of Arts, Psychology      

Daman Singh, Senior Business Analyst

  • Organization: Telus
  • Industries: Utilities
  • 2014 , Sauder School of Business, MBA       

Enrique Gonzalez, Project Manager

  • Organization: Hart Tipton Construction
  • Industries: Construction, Trades, Renovation and Painting, Engineering, Engineering Consulting, Project Management and Business Analysis
  • 2015 , Faculty of Applied Sciences, Masters in Structural and Earthquake Engineering         

Hao Min, CEO (Panelist)

  • Organization: Bold Properties Inc
  • Industries: Real Estate, Rental and Leasing
  • 2013, Sauder School of Business, MBA                             

Ifeanyi Agu, Software Engineer

  • Organization: Ping Identity
  • Industries: Information Technology
  • 2015, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Masters of Software Systems           

Isabella Squarisi, Senior Program Assistant

  • Organization: University of British Columbia
  • Industries: Education, Training and Teaching
  • 2016, Faculty of Arts, International Relations

Jen Boyadjian, Digital Marketing Consultant         

  • Organization: Boyadjian Consulting
  • Industries: Marketing and Communication
  • 2014, Faculty of Arts, Political Science and International Relations

Johainah Condillac, Program Manager

  • Organization: BC Hydro
  • Industries: Energy, Project Management and Business Analysis
  • 2008, Sauder School of Business, MBA

Kevin Wang, CEO

  • Organization: In Via Education Inc
  • Industry: Education, Training and Teaching
  • 2015, Faculty of Arts, Psychology

Kuljeet Kaushal, Program Manager

  • Organization: Seaspan Shipyards
  • Industry: Engineering, Engineering Consulting                                                                          

Kuzi  Mutonga, Independent Consultant                 

  • Industries: Consulting
  • 2016, Faculty of Arts, Economics          

Kyubak Lee, New Business Development Manager

  • Organization: Cambridge Global Organization
  • Industries: Banking and Financial Services
  • 2011, Faculty of Arts

Leo Chen, Founder and CEO

  • Organization: Neverquit Apparel Inc
  • Industries: Apparel and Online Retail
  • 2011, Sauder School of Business, MLS / T-Log         

Lianping Ti, Research Scientist (Panelist)

  • Organization: BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • Industries: Education, Training and Teaching, Health Care, Human Services and Childcare, Science and Research
  • 2015, School of Population and Health, Epidemiology

Luke Lu, School Counsellor

  • Organization: Bodwell High School
  • Industries: Education, Training and Teaching
  • 2016, Faculty of Arts, Psychology 

Luke Yin, Translator

  • Organization: Princemountain Transnational Services Inc
  • Industries: Language Services
  • 2014, Faculty of Science, General Science

Maryam Shirmohammad, PhD student

  • Organization: UBC
  • Industries: Science and Research
  • 2016 , Faculty of Science, Physics                           

Maya Goldstein, Coordinator

  • Organization: BC Cycling Coalition
  • Industry: Non-Profit Organization
  • 2010 , Faculty of Education, Human Development Learning and Culture                      

Nancy Pepper, Community and Social Mitigation Manager

  • Organization: BC Hydro
  • Industries: Utilities
  • 2010, School of Community and Regional Planning             

Napat Tamisanon, Junior Mechanical Engineer

  • Organization: Best Cyclotron System
  • Industries: Engineering, Engineering Consulting, Science and Research
  • 2015 , Faculty of Applied Sciences, Engineer Physics

Navin Schaduangrat, Digital Marketing Manager

  • Organization: Vidigami
  • Industries: Information Technology
  • 2016 , Sauder School of Business, MBA

Nishant Uniyal, Data Scientist

  • Organization: Boeing Vancouver
  • Industries: Project Management and Business Analysis
  • 2014, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering                                           

Paiman Parmaei, Release Engineer                             

  • Organization: SAP
  • Industries: Information Technology
  • 2016, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Mechatronics Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Department)

Peter Zhao, Software Engineer

  • Organization: SAP
  • Industries: Information Technology
  • 2015 , Sauder School of Business, Business and Computer Science (BUCS)             

Qinqin Zhang, Reference Librarian

  • Organization: Trinity Western University
  • Industry: Library
  • 2011 , Faculty of Arts, Master of Library and Information Studies                                         

Ramon Campos, Contract Manager, Consultant

  • Organization: BC Hydro
  • Industries: Engineering, Engineering Consulting, Government and Public Administration, Supply Chain and Logistics, Utilities
  • 2011 , Faculty of Applied Sciences, Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering   

Ravi Bhosale, Strategy Manager

  • Organization: TELUS
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • 2013 , Sauder School of Business, Master of Business Administration                                   

Rebecca Tinsley, VP Operations

  • Organization: Cameron IP
  • Industries: Administrative and Clerical,Legal/Law
  • 2008 , Faculty of Arts                                                            

Ricardo Cao, Reporting Analyst

  • Organization: First Nations Health Authority
  • Industries: Health Care, Human Services and Childcare,Project Management and Business Analysis
  • 2014, Faculty of Arts

Ritu Ratan, Clinical Research Associate

  • Organization: UBC
  • Industries: Health Care, Human Services and Childcare, Science and Research
  • 2014, School of Population and Health, Master of Public Health

Rocky Wang, Market Analyst

  • Organization: CaGBC
  • Industries: Project Management and Business Analysis
  • 2016, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering

Selena Di, IT Project Manager

  • Organization: TELUS
  • Industries: Information Technology
  • 2010 , Faculty of Arts, Computer Science in Arts; Minor in Asian Studies                          

Tala Talachian, Structural Engineer

  • Organization: Whitewater West Industries
  • Industries: Engineering, Engineering Consulting
  • 2010 , Faculty of Applied Sciences, Structural Engineering

Ting Xie, Financial Advisor        

  • Organization: RBC
  • Industries: Banking and Financial Services
  • 2016, Sauder School of Business, Marketing

Valentina Ruiz Leotaud, Communications Officer

  • Industries: Marketing and Communication
  • 2015, School of Journalism, Master of Journalism                                            

Yoyo Eto, Program Coordinator, Workplace Learning

  • Organization: UBC, Centre for Student Involvement and Careers
  • Industries: Education, Training and Teaching
  • 2013 , Sauder School of Business, Masters of Management; Faculty of Arts, Psychology

Yui Nonoyama, Senior HR Generalist

  • Organization: Hostway Corporation
  • Industries: Information Technology
  • 2010, Faculty of Arts



Here are the alumni / industry professionals on the panel:

Hao Min

Hao Min is Co-Founder and CEO of Bold Properties Inc. and one of Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40 in 2017! Hao was born and raised in the Hubei Province of China. After obtaining a Bachelors of Applied Science in computer engineering at UBC, he completed the Building Construction program through BCIT. He then went on to finish an MBA at the Sauder School of Business in 2013. Hao is a firm believer of in the importance of education and has even established a continued education program to encourage team members to grow and learn. As one of the Co-Founders of Bold, Hao places a priority on maintaining high levels of integrity and transparency. With a passion for building community, Hao is committed to putting a unique stamp on Vancouver’s real estate landscape. In the six years since the company’s founding, Bold has amassed a portfolio of nine major projects in Metro Vancouver, in addition to a number of custom home developments. The total value of those developments is more than $490 million. More important than those dollar figures is Bold’s thriving team of more than 40 people – something that Hao states is key to the company’s success. Hao challenges his teams to think beyond the physical building to the development of the human experience people will have living there. Hao is an active member of professional associations such as Urban Development Institute (UDI), Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (VBoT), and NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association. During his downtime, Hao finds pleasure in reading history novels and has an eye for photography.

Ali Hussein

Ali graduated from UBC Faculty of Arts with Political Science Major and International Relations Minor. Currently working with Pacific Community Resource Society as a Youth Housing Worker, Ali provides support to youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness that fall outside the eligibility for funding from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Previously, Ali worked with Immigrant Service Society of British Columbia where he was responsible for coordinating, developing and administrating contracted youth programming while also running and implementing the Multicultural Youth Circle (MY Circle) program. Ali is also involved with UBC Faculty of Education, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy on a research project that focusses on living, learning and teaching Dadaab refugee camp. Originally from Kenya, Ali travelled back to Kenya and conducted field research to develop the UBC teacher education program in Dadaab. In his spare time, Ali enjoys playing soccer and boxing.

Lianping Ti

Lianping Ti, PhD, is a Research Scientist with the Epidemiology and Population Health program at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Her research largely focuses on understanding the intersections between substance use, infectious diseases, and the delivery and efficacy of healthcare systems. She currently leads a prospective cohort study of patients who have successfully cleared hepatitis C (HCV) using direct-acting antiviral therapy to primarily investigate HCV re-infection. She also has international research experience working on a serial cross-sectional mixed-methods study to explore experiences with access to health and harm reduction services among people who inject drugs in Bangkok, Thailand. Originally from Thailand, Dr. Ti holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia and a Masters in Public Health from Simon Fraser University.

Student Moderators / Master of Ceremonies

Here are the students that will be moderating the panel!

Ani Nkiru, 4th year Economics & Commerce Student

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Ani is a highly motivated and driven scholar. Her interests lie in project management and consulting as they involve drawing heavily from a varied of experiences and skills, research, teamwork, innovation and design thinking. As a global citizen and student leader on campus, her interests and involvements also include advocacy for inclusion of Africa in discourse around UBC and the community, and inter-cultural understanding. She enjoys engaging in opportunities that foster collaboration and dialogue.

Rhoda Philip, 5th year Business Technology Management Student

Rhoda moved to Canada in 2013 from Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya to study at the University of British Columbia, thanks to the World University Services of Canada- Student Refugee Program(WUSC-SRP). Her experiences from being raised in a refugee camp taught her the value of resilience, adaptability, and compassion. She believes that when tragedy befalls human beings, and instill a feeling of victimhood, it can be challenging to overcome. Her passion lies in supporting people who have been through difficult life experiences. She champions education for refugee children and is a founding member of an education initiative called Sponsor a Child Education (SCE). Despite her being a full-time student, Rhoda has been passionately involved in student Peer Programs as a Sauder Orientation leader, Academic Success Coach, WUSC-SRP Global Lounge Representative, and has participated in numerous community initiatives. She envisions a world where everyone feels valuable. Rhoda is a 5th year student of Business Technology Management with Co-op, in the BCOM undergraduate program, Tedx Terry Speaker, Director and Founding member of Sponsor a Child Education, and aspiring Data Analyst.

Event Contact

Preetasha Vishwa

Preetasha Vishwa

Advisor, Career & Professional Development

Centre for Student Involvement & Careers