Presenting at MURC

Present at MURC

Undergraduate students across different disciplines can present at the conference if they are one of the following:

  • Working on a research project or paper in class
  • Participating in a faculty-supervised research project
  • Have a great research idea that is supported by a faculty member
  • A mentee of the URO REX program

We accept research presentations at varying stages of completion so don't worry if your research is still in progress by the application deadline or by the conference date.

Benefits of presenting at MURC include:

  • Showcasing and contextualizing your academic work to the general public
  • Working on your communication and presentation skills
  • Receiving feedback from faculty and graduate student adjudicators
  • Getting support through research presentation workshops

How to apply

Applications to MURC open on November 26, 2018. Please contact for any questions.

Students have the option to present either via a 10-minute oral presentation or a poster presentation.

  • Talk to your research supervisor and get permission. As the nature of some research may be sensitive, this step is crucial and applications will not be accepted without supervisor approval.

  • Attend a "How to Write Research Abstracts and Proposals" workshop (Dates and Location TBA). Presented by UBC staff, attendance at this workshop will strengthen your presentation proposal and abstract. At this workshop, specifics will be provided on the best practices and methods to write a professional and effective proposal.

  • Submit your online registration and abstract by Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 11:59 PM (PST). In addition to your own info, you will also be required to supply your research supervisor's information (name and email) on the application. If you have a co-presenter, you do not have to submit two applications: there is a field on the application form for co-presenter information. Please ensure all registration steps are completed for consideration. 

  • After the deadline, your application will be reviewed and your research supervisor will be contacted. Continue to work on your research presentation while your abstract is being reviewed. You will be contacted in late January with next steps and feedback on your research proposal. Please review the following timelines and ensure all deadlines are met: 

Important dates

November 26, 2018

Presenter applications open


How to Write Research Abstracts and Proposals Workshops

January 20, 2019

Presenter application and abstract proposal deadline

February 1, 2019

Presenters receive feedback on application

February 15, 2019

Poster submission deadline for free printing

Final abstract submission


Poster and Oral Presentation Workshops

Prepare your proposal

Review these abstract proposal guidelines before you get started. You can also prepare by attending an abstract writing and proposal workshop.

Workshop: Preparing for your Oral and Poster Presentations

In preparation for your oral and poster presentations, we are going to offer workshop sessions that will allow you to learn more about presenting your research in a multidisciplinary format and to get feedback on your preliminary work. We will be informing the presenters about the details of these workshops via email.

You can also check the MURC Resources page for more information.