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About Mentoring

Discover the keys to building a successful career and find guidance on succeeding at UBC through a Mentoring Program. Mentoring programs match students with an industry mentor and/or faculty mentor to help you build your network, develop leadership skills, and learn more about your university.

Who can participate?

All students can participate in a mentorship program. 

Why participate?

  • Receive mentoring from faculty or industry professional

  • Network with faculty or industry mentors

  • Explore career paths

  • Develop mentoring and leadership skills

  • Get career advice

  • Discover extracurricular activities on campus

  • Clarify educational plans

  • Connect with fellow students

  • Get tips on managing classes

  • Receive advice on finding jobs

How do I participate?

Review the list of faculty and department Mentoring Programs and visit the website or email the coordinator for more information.

Some helpful resources for your mentoring experience:

Download the Mentoring Agreement and Code of Conduct.

Download the Mentoring Student Handbook to educate yourself about what you can expect from the program, including guidelines for establishing a relationship with your mentor.

Online Mentoring Program

Join the UBC Hub of Ten Thousand Coffees and begin building your network!

Networking is known to be essential to career building. But why?

  • It can be used to find new opportunities.
  • It can nurture long-lasting relationships.
  • It can be used to exchange ideas & improve your industry knowledge. 

And so much more!

Networking is a long-term investment that will continue to give back to you as your career grows. With The UBC Hub of Ten Thousand Coffees, having those career-driven conversations is easy. You'll receive one introduction per month to a fellow student or alumni based on your career interests and goals.

How does it work? 

1. Create a free profile on The UBC Hub

2. Select your area of study or industry, interests, and goals. 

3. We'll introduce you to someone relevant to your profile. 

4. Browse thousands of member profiles and connect directly through the message feature.

Once you sign up to the platform, matches are made each month automatically and optimized to your preferences. Introductions are guided with suggested talking points. You can meet your match in-person, online, or speak to them on the phone. Plus, you will get compliments and feedback after each meeting. 

Join The UBC Hub to be matched with fellow students and alumni for career-driven conversation.

Please see our Terms of Use here.

Faculty-specific programs

Computer ScienceTri-Mentoring Program

For the following students: Computer Science undergraduates and graduates

For the following mentors: Technology professionals who have a degree in Computer Science or a related field

Contact: Michele Ng, mng@cs.ubc.ca

Engineering Mentoring Program

For the following students: Engineering undergraduates and graduates

For the following mentors: Engineers in industry or academia

ContactEngineering Mentoring Programs 

Film Mentoring Program

For the following students: Film Production undergraduates

For the following mentors: UBC Film Production alumni working in the industry

Contact: Sarah Crauder, sarah.crauder@ubc.ca

Forestry Mentoring Program

For the following students: Forest Sciences, Natural Resources Conservation, Wood Products Processing, Forest Resources Management, Forest Operations students, and Urban Forestry

For the following mentors: UBC Forestry alumni, industry professionals and researchers

ContactForestry Tri-Mentoring Program  

Kinesiology Mentoring Program

For the following students: School of Kinesiology students

For the following mentors: Kinesiology, Human Kinetics, Recreation & Physical Education alumni

Contact: Kinesiology Mentorship Program

Land and Food Systems Tri-Mentoring Program

For the following students: LFS students in second-year and above, including graduate students

For the following mentors: Professionals in fields related to Land and Food Systems

ContactLFS Tri-Mentoring Program

Science Mentoring Programs

For the following students: Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science

For the following mentors: UBC alumni, graduate students, teachers, and other industry/faculty members

Contact: Science Mentoring Programs

The School of Community and Regional Planning’s MCRP Mentoring Program

For the following students: Students in MCRP (Masters of Community and Regional Planning)

For the following mentors: Professionals in fields related to planning

ContactMCRP Mentoring Program

Multidisciplinary Programs

Golden Key International, UBC chapter

For the following students: Students in the Golden Key International Honour Society (members and new inductees) as well as any UBC students

For the following mentors: Golden Key International alumni or honorary members and other local professionals

Contact: Hannah Goodridge, Chimedum Ohaegbu, and Joanna Xia, ubcgktrimentoring@gmail.com

UBC Sustainability Challenge *

For the following students: All UBC undergraduate and graduate students

For the following mentors: UBC Staff, faculty, alumni and community members

Contact: Kshamta Hunter, kshamta.hunter@ubc.ca

*The UBC Sustainability Challenge is a project-based program.

Off-campus mentoring programs

Contact us

Centre for Student Involvement and Careers

Current Service Update

Career Advising & Drop-In Services  

In support of social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers has suspended all in-person operations and has transitioned services to online delivery. The physical CSI&C will remain closed until further notice. 

Career Advisors remain committed to supporting you with your questions and curiosities during this time.

  • Career advising is accessible through phone, Skype and Zoom, along with webinar options.
  • Same-day career advising available daily from 1pm – 3pm. Sign-up begins at 9:00AM.

Sign up in advance or on the day-of through CareersOnline.

For additional support, please email csic.support@ubc.ca or phone 604-822-4011 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

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