About UBtheChange

If you’re passionate about social and environmental issues, but unsure where to start, join UBtheChange. The student-led program supports UBC students in taking their first steps as changemakers during their university career.

Through UBtheChange, you can:

  • Connect with other passionate peers and community organizations across Metro Vancouver.
  • Participate in fun and engaging events that support broader social and environmental movements.
  • Learn about pathways for pro-social action in pressing local and global issues. 
  • Collaborate with and directly impact community organizations that work with diverse populations.
  • Put learning into practice and develop career skills.

UBtheChange sessions happen on campus through student events, or off campus as Community Action Days, which are short-term projects with schools and nonprofit organizations across Metro Vancouver.

Become a UBtheChange Activator

UBtheChange Activators plan and provide peer support for UBtheChange events and projects. 

As a UBtheChange Activator, you can connect your interests, lived experience, and leadership skills to broader social movements through one of the following roles:

  • UBtheChange Student Activators
    Develop fun, low-barrier events for students to engage with social issues, such as pop-up cafés, social media campaigns, peer advising, and more.
  • UBtheChange Community Activators
    Work with diverse stakeholders to plan and carry out short-term projects, such as Community Action Days, that directly benefit local communities and create meaningful learning experiences for UBC students.

Participate in the program

Attend on-campus sessions

UBtheChange events and pop-up sessions happen throughout the academic year. The topics and format of on-campus sessions change each year based on the planning by UBtheChange Activators.

Some on-campus sessions held in the past include:

  • Climate Justice Paint Night
    Students made paintings and protest signs based on the theme of climate justice. During the event, students also discussed local climate issues and learned about research-based climate action from a UBC professor.
  • E.A.T (Engage and Taste)
    Activators invited students to play games that raised awareness on food affordability and access, and created a recipe book with affordable recipes.
  • Coffee chats and booths
    On-campus booths where students talk about social and environmental issues, learn about ways to take action, grab treats, and win prizes.

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If you have questions

For more information about the program, please connect with Sydney Kroes at sydney.kroes@ubc.ca.