Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference

A conference for UBC undergraduate students to showcase their research

2021 Winners

Congratulations to our MURC 2021 Winners.

Poster presentation

  • First Place
    Presentation Title: Do as we say, not as we do: A critical discourse analysis of anti-racism statements released by medical schools and academic medical organizations in 2020
    Presenter: Favour Omobhude
  • Second Place
    Presentation Title: Impact of Sharing Laboratory Test Costs and Required Blood Volumes on Resident Test Ordering
    Presenter: Norbert Banyi
  • Third Place
    Presentation Title: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Clinical Tool Kit for the Care of Patients Receiving Clozapine in Acute Psychiatry
    Presenter: Kiana Rahnama

Oral presentation

  • First Place
    Presentation Title: Influence of Nucleic Acid Modifications on Lipid Nanoparticle Morphology and Efficacy
    Presenter: Kevin An
  • Second Place
    Presentation Title: Improving the Persistence of CAR T-cells with Telomerase
    Presenter: Charu Sankaran
  • Third Place
    Presentation Title: Modeling the trajectory of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein evolution in continuous latent space using a neural network and Gaussian process
    Presenters: Emilia Chen, Janella Schwab, Kimia Rostin, Sarah Ng

What is MURC?

MURC is a conference for UBC undergraduate students to showcase their research in front of their fellow UBC students, family, and friends. Researchers may choose one of two formats to showcase their research: presentation or poster.

See the 2021 MURC Program Guide (pdf) for more details.

Who presents at MURC?

Any UBC undergraduate student who is participating in, or has completed, their own UBC Faculty-supervised research project can apply to present at MURC. All Faculties and Schools are welcome. For more information, please visit the Present at MURC page.

Get involved

  • Present at MURC
    Are you an undergraduate student with a passion that you want to share with the rest of UBC through research?
  • Volunteer at MURC
    Get involved in one of two ways: be a volunteer or an adjudicator!
  • Attend MURC
    Are you interested in seeing what other undergraduate students are up to in research?

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