Present at MURC


At the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference, students have the option to present a 10-minute oral or poster presentation.

The conference will be held in person from Sat, Mar 19 to Sun, Mar 20 in 2022 (all-day). 

The first two presentation waves on Sun, Mar 20 will be reserved for virtual presentations. 

Before applying

Talk to your research supervisor

Talk to your research supervisor and get permission. As the nature of some research may be sensitive, this step is crucial and applications will not be accepted without supervisor approval.

Attend a Abstract Writing Workshop

Conference abstracts play a vital role in the communication of scholarly research. The Abstract Writing Workshop presented by the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication introduces undergraduate researchers to the typical structure of the scientific abstract, while accounting for disciplinary differences.

During the workshop, participants will write or revise a draft of their MURC abstract and receive feedback from the workshop facilitators and other participants. By attending this workshop, you can strengthen your presentation proposal and abstract.

Attend a Peer Review session

You can choose to attend a Peer Review session to get feedback on your abstract from peers. This is also a great opportunity to meet other students from different disciplines and fields.

How to apply

To apply for MURC 2022, please submit your registration and abstract by Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 11:59 pm (PT).

Application information

In addition to your own information, you will also be required to supply your research supervisor's contact information (name and email) on your application. If you have a co-presenter, you do not have to submit two applications. There is a field on the application form for co-presenter information. Please complete all registration steps to be considered. 

After the application deadline, the MURC planning team will review your application and contact your research superviser. Continue to work on your research presentation while your abstract is being reviewed. You will be contacted in early February with next steps and feedback on your abstract. Please review the following timelines and ensure all deadlines are met: 

Important dates

Please review the following timelines and ensure that you meet all deadlines:

Mon, Nov 22, 2021

Presenter applications open

Sun, Jan 16, 2022

Presenter application and abstract proposal deadline

Sun, Jan 30, 2022

Presenters receive feedback on application

Sun, Feb 20, 2022 Final abstract submission

After your application is approved

For approved 2022 Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) presenters, preparing your proposal and presentation can be challenging. You can sign up for workshops on poster and oral presentations to prepare. Below you'll also find the tools you can use to make your presentation a success.

For more tips and a chance to connect with other presenters, sign up for the MURC Presenters Hub on Canvas.

Prepare Your Abstract Proposal

Reviewers of conference proposals read a large number of submissions to determine whether the proposed paper or poster meets the requirements of the conference and how the submission might best be combined with other presentations in oral sessions or poster displays. They may or may not be experts in your area of study. Reviewers need to understand clearly:

  • The importance of the research project
  • The existing state of knowledge
  • The research question
  • The method or methods used
  • The main findings

Since MURC is not a specialized conference, reviewers will also be assessing whether an interested non-specialist audience will be able to follow the presentation. Including brief definitions or explanations and using concrete “real world” examples helps non-specialists understand what your study is addressing and why.

You can also prepare by attending one of our Abstract Writing Workshops and/or Peer Review Session. 

Making Your Presentation

In preparation for your oral and poster presentations, workshop sessions are going to be offered that will allow you to learn more about presenting your research in a multidisciplinary format and to get feedback on your preliminary work. Presenters will be informed about the details of these workshops through email. You can also find the workshop dates on this page under the "Important Dates" section above. 

Whether you are presenting a poster or doing an oral presentation, you are practicing a critically important skill in research: effectively communicating your findings or conclusions to an audience.


Can I present on a research project that is incomplete?

Yes, you can submit your research project even if it is not completed.

Are the workshops mandatory in order to present at MURC?

No, it is optional for you to attend the workshops. They are offered to help you prepare for your presentation. 

When are the workshops and where can I register to attend?

You can find details under the 'How to apply' section on this page. A complete list of workshops can be found on this page under 'Important Dates'.

Can I present on a project where I’m part of the research team?

Yes, you can present at MURC provided permission has been granted by the faculty sponsor. Your faculty sponsor will be contacted to confirm their consent, in order for you to present at the conference.

Are there restrictions on the type of research that can be presented?

There's no restrictions provided you have a faculty sponsor for the project who is aware that you want to present at MURC. Also, you (and the co-presenters if any) will have to be undergraduate students. Your faculty sponsor will be contacted to confirm their consent, in order for you to present at the conference.

Will posters be printed for MURC 2022?

Yes, posters will be printed for MURC 2022.

Can I do both an oral and poster presentation on the day-of the conference?

For the same project, you can choose to present in one of the presentation formats, oral or poster. However, if you are presenting 2 different projects, you can apply to present in either formats, subject to availability of slots.