Your degree in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

While studying Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social justice, you’ll explore research and theories from the social sciences, humanities, science, education, and law. You’ll develop important skills while examining themes of diversity, equality, gender, race, sexuality and community in a critical, intersectional feminist, and post-colonial context.

These skills may include:

  • Analytical thinking applied to the examination of culture, politics, and public policy
  • Ability to examine problems and propose solutions considering local, national and transnational perspectives
  • Collaboration, leadership, and advocacy skills used to deepen understanding and engagement with the ways systems of power and oppression shape how humans interact with each other and with broader society 
  • Clear and concise written communication that displays a developed understanding of marginalization issues
  • Persuasive public speaking and debating abilities connected to the examination of gender, equality, and sexuality

Explore career possibilities

Career opportunities vary widely across a range of fields including government or politics, non-profit, media, health or social services, human rights, law, human resources, education, and others.

There are many career paths that can combine your academics, skills, and experience with your different interests. See the job titles below for ideas, but note that some career options may require further education or training.

Visit the National Occupational Classification website to research basic requirements and responsibilities of jobs in your field.

Campaign manager

Charitable organization director

Child and youth worker

Child welfare policy analyst

Communications manager

Community development worker

Consumer advisor


Crisis intervention worker

Diversity consultant

Employment counsellor

Event planner

Foreign service officer


Gender equity advisor

Government official

Human resources manager

Human rights officer

Immigration officer

International development worker


Labour organizer

Labour relations mediator



Media relations manager

News analyst

Policy advisor

Political organizer

Public affairs officer

Public opinion interviewer

Public relations specialist

Social policy researcher

Speech writer

Substance abuse worker


Make the most of your program

Your experiences will open doors to new opportunities and help clarify understanding of your values and interests.

GRSJ Student Association
Meet other UBC students through events and programs. 

The Pride Collective
Explore educational and social service resources and events related to sexual and gender diversity.

Colour Connected Against Racism UBC
Check out this AMS group that works to end racism and all forms of oppression, discrimination and prejudice.

Departmental events
Network with GRSJ students and faculty members at a variety of events.

Departmental research opportunities
Reach out directly to faculty members to ask about potential research positions.

GRSJ co-op success stories
Learn about the experiences of past and present co-op students from your program and others.

UBC Equity Ambassadors
Raise awareness about social justice and human rights issues through education and peer engagement on campus.

Career equity support
Explore career resources for students of colour, students with disabilities and LGBTQ+ students.

Model United Nations Student Association at UBC
Collaborate with other students to propose resolutions to global issues through United Nations-style simulations.

Make connections

Employers often hire people they know, so help them get to know you! You can build your network through clubs, classes, informational interviews, and more. There are so many ways to make connections and find mentors. 

The professional associations below are also great resources for meeting people, learning about specific industries, and exploring job and volunteer opportunities. Most have reduced membership rates for students and new grads.

Connect with alumni on LinkedIn

More information

From your Arts degree, you’ll develop skills and experiences that can translate into many career paths. Check out other things you can do with your Arts degree.