Your degree in Integrated Engineering

Skills you’ll develop

During your Integrated Engineering degree, you’re cultivating a multidisciplinary knowledge base and designing a focus of study according to your interest areas. You’ll develop important skills to tackle problems through an integrative lens and develop technical expertise across different domains.

These skills may include:

  • Ability to drive project ideas with an entrepreneurial attitude and resiliency to solve complex technical problems
  • Application of project management principles in a variety of settings, from managing a construction project to launching a new product
  • Facilitate technical communication across and between disciplines, exchange ideas and convey information simply and concisely
  • Application of engineering principles of design and analysis, and usage of modeling software, programming languages and specialized tools to build a range of products from surgical devices to electric cars
  • Adeptness to learning unfamiliar concepts quickly, drawing connections between engineering disciplines and identifying and addressing critical issues
  • Collaboration in interdisciplinary teams, actively contributing ideas and using sound rationale
  • Interpersonal and relationship-building skills to engage diverse stakeholders and partners

Make the most of your program

Your experiences will open doors to new opportunities and help clarify your values and interests.

  • UBC Integrated Engineering Student Association
    Participate in social activities and industry events to meet like-minded individuals.
    Join a group of students passionate about off-road racing and compete at the annual Baja SAE competitions.
  • UBC SailBot
    Develop your technical skills and work as part of a team to design and construct an autonomous sailboat.
  • UBC Rocket
    Gain hands-on technical experience in designing, manufacturing and launching suborbital rockets.
  • UBC Third Quadrant Design
    Work in a team to design high performance buildings and green infrastructure.
  • UBC eProjects
    Network with entrepreneurs from multiple disciplines, meet angel investors, and get access to venture capital funding.
  • UBC nwPlus
    Learn a new programming language or web framework, or join the annual hack day to collaborate on real projects.
  • UBC BizTech
    Participate in case competitions and attend panels and showcases to connect with business and tech professionals.
  • entrepreneurship@UBC
    Get the resources and mentorship you need to take your startup idea to the next level.
  • Centre for Artificial Intelligence Decision-making and Action
    Volunteer your time in a research role focused on the development, analysis, and application of AI systems.
  • AMS Sustainability
    Access resources and funding of up to $15,000 to support your sustainability-related initiative or project.
  • UBC Emerging Media Lab
    Attend a workshop or become a volunteer in emerging technologies, such as virtual reality.
  • UBC Engineering Co-op
    Gain work experience in integrated engineering between study terms.
  • Engineering job board
    Check out engineering employment opportunities.
  • Vancouver Startup Week
    Attend the recruitment fair, network with professionals in the tech space, and tour startup workplaces.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) events
    View upcoming events and conferences on new technologies for different sectors.
  • #BCTECHSummit
    Attend the conference, do some industry networking, or join an innovation challenge.

Build your network

Find UBC Integrated Engineering graduates on LinkedIn to learn about where they’re working, and their career and academic paths.

Professional associations are also a great resource for meeting people, learning about specific industries, and finding job and volunteer opportunities.

Given the diverse subject areas integrated within your degree, please look into other UBC Engineering specializations to find professional associations that interest you.

More information

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