What can I do with my Science degree?

Who you are matters

Your Science degree is just one part of what you have to offer. You also bring skills and knowledge from experiences you’ve had, places you’ve been, and the values you share with family, friends, and community.

headshot of Marjolein

“I’ve learned that getting my degree is about so much more than academics. I’m learning about who I am and how I can have a positive impact on the world.”

Marjolein - Year 2, Atmospheric Science

Reflecting on your skills and interests can help you make life and career decisions.

Find your competitive edge

Throughout your Science degree, you’ll develop specific skills that employers are looking for when hiring graduates, including:

  • Collecting and observing data with precision and accuracy
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Understanding core concepts and methods within a scientific discipline
  • Applying computational, mathematical, and statistical reasoning to a variety of problems
  • Assessing and solving complex problems
  • Conducting field and lab research
  • Thinking analytically and critically
  • Writing effectively to communicate knowledge to a broad range of audiences
  • Collaborating with others on projects and assignments
headshot of Angel

“The life skills I’ve developed at UBC 一 self-awareness, adaptability, and resilience 一 are helping me prepare for my future.”

ANGEL - YEar 4, chemistry

Get experience

UBC offers many opportunities for Science students to build their careers.

selection of different types of workplaces

Workplace experience

  • Work Learn
    Build work experience through a part-time, on campus job.
  • CareersOnline
    Browse and apply for work or volunteer positions on UBC's online career resources platform.
  • UBC Science Co-op
    Work in your area of study while completing your degree.


From volunteering in a lab to getting a research award, there are many possibilities to build your undergrad research experience and prepare you for graduate school or careers in research.

Find opportunities

Involvement and leadership

Connect your academic learning to experiences outside of the classroom. Take initiative to engage in different communities to strengthen your communication and collaboration skills.

Get started

International experience

Living, studying, and working abroad build traits employers are looking for when hiring. Show employers you are adaptable, can work independently, and have global experience.

Browse options

Build your network

headshot of Andy

“The most meaningful opportunities and connections have come when I’ve focused on building relationships first.”

Andy - Year 4, Physics

Friends, family members, TAs, and other people you meet can help you navigate your career questions. Find out possibilities and learn from the experiences, stories, and insights of others.

Get connected

Use your toolkit

Find your specialization

Dig a little deeper into the skills and perspectives graduates from your specialization bring to the world of work.

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Life Sciences

Quantitative Sciences