Your degree in Combined Major in Science

During your Combined Major in Science degree, you’re exploring the world of scientific concepts, theories, and principles across multiple disciplines. You’ll develop important skills in data interpretation, modelling, and communication to apply in the fields you choose to combine.

These skills may include: 

  • Mental agility to draw connections and identify relationships across disciplinary boundaries
  • Collaborative research in diverse teams
  • Experimental design and execution
  • Laboratory techniques specific to the disciplines you combine
  • Computing skills and data manipulation
  • Quantitative interpretation of data
  • Reporting on experimental results and statistical modeling
  • Critical evaluation and communication of scientific findings

Make the most of your specialization

Your experiences will open doors to new opportunities and help clarify understanding of your values and interests.

Combined Major in Science Student Association
Meet other UBC students with similar interests through events and programs.

UBC Science Co-op
Gain work experience between study terms.

UBC Chemistry research
Get involved in summer opportunities or take classes that incorporate lab experience in chemistry.

UBC Physics research
Volunteer your time in a research role to support faculty on physics research projects.

UBC Life Sciences Institute
Discover research opportunities, events, programs, and student competitions in life sciences.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
Take selected field courses in coastal and marine sciences for university credit.

UBC Mathematics outreach initiatives
Interact with elementary and high school students through workshops and sessions.

Mitacs Globalink Research Award
Apply to participate in 12 to 24-week research projects overseas.

UBC Medical Journal
Submit your academic research, case reports, reviews, commentaries, and news or letters for publication.

Make connections

Find UBC Combined Major in Science graduates on LinkedIn, see where they’re working, and explore their career and academic paths.

Professional associations are also great resources for meeting people, learning about specific industries, and exploring job and volunteer opportunities.

Given the diverse subject areas combined within your degree, please explore other UBC Science specializations to find professional associations that interest you.

More information

Explore course package options for Combined Major in Science students.

From your Science degree, you’ll develop skills and experiences that can translate into many career paths. Check out other things you can do with your Science degree.