Your degree in Integrated Sciences

Skills you’ll develop

During your Integrated Sciences degree, you’re envisioning and designing an interdisciplinary area of study according to your goals. You’ll develop a unique set of skills through faculty and peer mentorship, self-directed learning, and field experiences.

These skills may include:

  • Persuasive and evidence-based proposal writing
  • Faculty and peer mentor collaboration
  • Design, development, and adjustment of multi-year degree plans
  • Communication across diverse disciplines
  • Self-management and initiative
  • Application of systems-thinking to sustainability issues and other complex global problems
  • Collaborative research skills with multidisciplinary teams

Make the most of your specialization

Your experiences will open doors to new opportunities and help clarify your values and interests.

Build your network

Find UBC Integrated Sciences graduates on LinkedIn to learn about where they’re working, and their career and academic paths.

Professional associations are also great resources for meeting people, learning about specific industries, and finding job and volunteer opportunities.

Given the diverse subject areas integrated within your degree, please look into other UBC Science specializations to find professional associations that interest you.

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