Your degree in Integrated Sciences

During your Integrated Sciences degree, you’re envisioning and designing an interdisciplinary area of study according to your goals. You’ll develop a unique set of skills through faculty and peer mentorship, self-directed learning, and field experiences.

These skills may include:

  • Persuasive and evidence-based proposal writing
  • Faculty and peer mentor collaboration
  • Design, development, and adjustment of multi-year degree plans
  • Communication across diverse disciplines
  • Self-management and initiative
  • Application of systems-thinking to sustainability issues and other complex global problems
  • Collaborative research skills within multidisciplinary teams

Make the most of your specialization

Your experiences will open doors to new opportunities and help clarify understanding of your values and interests.

Integrated Sciences Student Association
Meet other UBC students with similar interests through events and programs.

UBC Science Co-op
Gain work experience between study terms.

Peer Mentoring Program
Find or become a mentor for other UBC Integrated Sciences students.

UBC Life Sciences Institute
Discover research opportunities, events, programs, and student competitions in life sciences.

Faculty of Medicine summer research
Get experience in undergraduate medical research at UBC.

UBC Pathology and Laboratory Medicine summer program
Apply for funding and propose your research project to gain clinical experience in laboratory medicine.

BC Children’s Hospital research
Participate in an undergraduate research project related to child and family health.

Online tutorials and training in ethics
Develop your understanding of research ethics and integrity through online training and tutorials.

UBC Medical Journal
Submit your academic research, case reports, reviews, commentaries, and news or letters for publication.

Student Biotechnology Network
Attend events, meet professionals, and receive mentorship from innovative industry leaders.

Make connections

Find UBC Integrated Sciences graduates on LinkedIn, see where they’re working, and explore their career and academic paths.

Professional associations are also great resources for meeting people, learning about specific industries, and exploring job and volunteer opportunities.

Given the diverse subject areas integrated within your degree, please explore other UBC Science specializations to find professional associations that interest you.

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