Exam accommodation guidelines and expectations

About exam accommodations

Exam accommodations allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the course materials in cases where a disability or ongoing medical condition may impact your ability to access exams under standard conditions.

If you are a student with a disability or ongoing medical conditions, you must be registered with the Centre for Accessibility for exam accommodations.

Booking an exam

If you are eligible for exam accommodations, you will likely write your exams with the Centre for Accessibility because it is not always possible for your instructor or faculty to arrange exam accommodations.

However, in some situations you might be able to request your exam accommodation through your department. Whether you are writing an exam with the Centre or requesting accommodations from the department, you must book your exam according to the following steps:

  1. Complete an entry on the Exam Registration System. Book the exam for the same day and time as your class exam.
  2. The online registration system will contact your instructor to obtain information for your exam.
  3. Log into the system to review your exam date and time under "upcoming events" before the exam period.

Exam details

Exam dates and deadlines

  • Midterms, quizzes, or summer finals
    You must book exams at least 1 week in advance of the midterm date or quiz date. This includes quizzes, in-class tests, and any exams that include timed components.
  • Winter term final exams
    The final exams must be booked 7 days before the start of the formal examination period, April and December only. Late requests are not accepted by the system.

Exam hours

The Centre for Accessibility's exam hours are from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Exam location

  • Midterms and Summer term finals are held in Ponderosa Annex C.
  • April and December final exams will be scheduled in Room 201, Buchanan D.

Student responsibilities for the exam

Familiarize yourself with the rules and expectations for students writing exams with the Centre for Accessibility:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early and be fully prepared to start the exam.
  • Check in with your UBC card.
  • Students who arrive more than 30 minutes after the class start time will not be permitted to start the exam. Students who arrive late but prior to the class start time will be able to write with deducted time. Students will not be permitted to leave until 30 minutes after the class has started. 
  • Start and stop times for examinations will be strictly followed.
  • Only bring material authorized by your instructor and as indicated on the exam. Notes, books, calculators, and formula sheets will not be allowed in without explicit written authorization from the professor.
  • You are not permitted to bring your bags or personal items into the private rooms. Odourless food and drink are allowed. Please do not bring foods with a strong smell, nuts, or other common allergens.
  • Hand in all material including scrap booklets, formula sheets, and the exam question sheet at the specified end time for the exam. Copies of the exam will not be provided.
  • No electronic devices are allowed without written permission from the instructor on the exam form, such as cell phones, MP3 players, smart watches, bluetooth headphones.
  • Bring your own watch or clock to keep track of time during the exam. 
  • Work only within the Word document pertaining to your exam. The use of any other function or software program requires advance authorization in writing to the Centre for Accessibility from the instructor. 
  • Cheating is not tolerated and will be subject to the disciplinary processes outlined by UBC's Student Conduct and Discipline policy
  • Exam information is confidential. If you are granted permission from your professor and Accessibility Advisor to write your exam before or after the scheduled exam for the class, do not disclose any information about the exam to anyone else. You will be required to sign an Exam Confidentiality Agreement form.
  • The Centre for Accessibility does not schedule exams past 9:30 pm. Students whose evening exam starts at 7:00 pm or later will have their exam moved up to finish at 9:30 pm. If your exam is moved up and you finish it early, you must stay in the exam room under exam conditions until 30 minutes after your original class time. 
  • Stay in the exam room at all times. You may leave only with the permission of the exam invigilator.
  • Students who are eligible for private space will write alone in an exam room with regular checks by an invigilator. Because an invigilator is not present at all times, students will be required to undergo a security check. Before entering the private room, lock up any unauthorized materials. If any unauthorized materials are found once you have entered the exam room, the exam will be stopped. The Centre for Accessibility may contact your professor and department head, and provide a report to them. 
  • Students who are not eligible for private exam space will sit in an exam room with other students and an invigilator will be present at all times. A security check will take place to ensure you do not have unauthorized materials in your pencil case or in your clothing.
  • If you experience a flare up during your exam, alert your invigilator.

Group exam components

Academic accommodations generally do not apply to group components, which are to be written with the class

If you have an exam with a group component, then email exam.coordinator@ubc.ca to schedule the individual portion of your exam with enough time to return to class to complete the group component.

Other exams

Distance education exams

You can book distance exams written on campus as usual. Final exam dates for these courses will show up on your Student Service Centre (SSC) profile. Please ensure the exam date and time are correct when you submit your booking.

Deferred exams

If you're writing formal Standing Deferral (SD) exams through the Centre for Accessibility, you will need to complete an exam application through the Student Service Centre (SSC). When applying through the SSC, select the Centre for Accessibility as your location. Your information will be sent to the Centre and your exam will be booked automatically.

Please do not apply through the Centre for Accessibility’s Exam Booking System unless it is a special arrangement with instructor permission on a different date and time.

You can check your exam booking a couple of weeks before the writing date by logging in and selecting "Upcoming Events" on the Exam Booking System. Your writing date will be the same as the rest of the class.

Exam scheduling exceptions

Exams for Real Estate, Continuing Education and non-credit courses will not be scheduled online. Contact the Centre for Accessibility to make a booking.

Real Estate students still need to contact the Sauder School of Business Real Estate office to register and pay the necessary fees for writing their exams.

If you have questions