Academic concessions

What is an academic concession?

An academic concession may be granted for a student when an unexpected situation or circumstance prevents them from completing graded work or exams.

Types of academic concessions granted may include: 

For complete details on academic concessions, please visit the UBC Academic Calendar.

Are you eligible for an academic concession?

You may request an academic concession for:

  • Unanticipated changes in personal responsibilities that create a conflict
    Responsibilities may include family-care, paid employment, religious practices, or military duty that conflicts with academic requirements and is beyond your control.
  • Medical circumstances
    This can cover a mental or physical health issue that emerges or recurs during a term.
  • Compassionate grounds
    A concession may be granted when a student experiences a traumatic event, sexual assault, or death in the family or of a close friend.

If you’re impacted by an illness, accident, or family tragedy, please take care of yourself first. There are many on-campus services you can visit for help.

If you have a disability or ongoing medical condition...

If you have persistent physical health difficulties, an ongoing medical condition, or a disability that affects your studies for more than one term, you may request an academic accommodation.

Request a concession

Requests should be made as early as reasonably possible. We acknowledge that some issues may make it impossible for you to report until you've received medical attention or support for a traumatic event.

Read the course syllabus

To see the options for making up missed work when you're unable to meet academic requirements over a short period, check the course syllabus. 

If the work you missed is optional (e.g., it's one of several quizzes and two can be missed without penalty), you may not need to make up the missed work.

Check with your advising office

Depending on your circumstances and your program, requesting a concession may have different requirements. Your first step is to check with your academic advising office.

To learn the process for requesting an academic concession, check with your faculty's or school's academic advising office or your graduate advisor/supervisor.

In some cases, your request will be managed with the advising office. In other cases, your course instructor will manage it.

Other reasons to contact academic advising

Please contact your faculty’s academic advising if:

  • You’re unsure whether you’re eligible for an academic concession
  • Your circumstance or situation lasts more than a few days
  • You continue to face difficult life events repeatedly

Find your advisor

Do I need to submit documentation?

In some cases, submitting a “self-declaration of absence” to your faculty’s academic advising office, or your instructor, may be enough.

Example cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Sudden illness that keeps you from attending an exam
  • Arm injury the week a paper is due
  • Death in the family 
  • Mental health crisis

Talk to your academic advisor about your specific situation, and to find out your options.

Tuition adjustment or refund

If you’ve received an academic concession, or withdrawn from a course under extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible for a tuition adjustment or refund

If you have questions...