Credit/D/Fail grading

About Credit/D/Fail

The Credit/D/Fail (Cr/D/F) grading policy was created to encourage students’ curiosity and learning in subjects outside of their own programs of study, and to introduce them to diverse fields.

The policy was supported by the AMS Council and approved by UBC Vancouver Senate in March of 2009.

Credit/D/Fail is available to students in some direct-entry undergraduate programs of study. They can take eligible elective courses for Credit, D, or Fail standing instead of percentage grades.

How it looks on your transcript

If you choose the Credit/D/Fail option, you'll be expected to complete all of the coursework and exams. You will be assigned a percentage grade, but only the standing will be displayed on your grades record or official transcript. These documents won't display any percentage or letter grade. 

You'll get credit for courses with a Credit or D standing, but not for a Fail standing. Courses that you take for Cr/D/Fail won't be counted toward your grade average calculations.

The standings are awarded for the following percentage grades:

  • Cr: 55% or higher
  • D: 50 to 54.9%
  • F: less than 50%, or below the passing grade

For courses where the passing grade is higher than 50%, such as 60%, only Cr or F may be awarded.

Eligibility checklist

You'll be eligible to take courses for Credit/D/Fail (Cr/D/F) grading if all of the following apply:

  • You're in a direct-entry undergraduate program, with the exception of Applied Science.

  • Your program allows Credit/D/Fail courses (check with the Academic Advising office for your program or degree).

  • You understand the possible awards implications.

  • Your course doesn't require a percentage grade as a prerequisite to a course you may want to take in the future.

  • The course is an elective in your program and you are otherwise meeting all other degree requirements.

  • You're not taking more than 6 Cr/D/F credits in one Session (Winter or Summer).

  • You don't take more than 12 Cr/D/F credits in total toward your degree program.

Future programs

If you're thinking of applying to a particular graduate or other program in the future, you should consider the possible impact of Cr/D/F grading on that program's admission requirements.

Awards implications


Students have to meet the minimum course load requirements to maintain scholarship eligibility. These requirements are based on percentage-graded credits so Credit/D/Fail (Cr/D/F) grading, which is not percentage graded, may affect your scholarship eligibility.

Read UBC's Regulations Governing University Awards to get full details on minimum requirements for your award type.

If you're not sure how Cr/D/Fail might affect your award eligibility, contact an Enrolment Services Advisor to understand your eligibility and options.


Credit/D/Fail grading does not impact your eligibility for bursaries, which are awarded based on financial need. 

Signing up for Cr/D/F grading

Learn how to find and get approval for Credit/D/Fail courses in Workday for the 2024/25 Winter Session.

2024 Summer Session students

If you’re enrolled in Summer Session courses, please follow the steps below in your Student Service Centre (SSC):

  1. Register for your courses as you normally would.
  2. In the Course Schedule, go to the Add/Drop screen and select "Manage Cr/D/F Courses", where you'll find the courses you've registered for that are eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
  3. You'll see the courses you've registered for that are eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.
  4. Select the course you want to take for Credit/D/Fail grading.
  5. Make sure it's an elective in your program.
  6. Click "Switch Selection to Credit/D/Fail Grading".
  7. Navigate back to the Add/Drop screen.
  8. The "Registered Courses" table will be updated to show that the course is now Cr/D/F. 

Switching your course back to percentage grading

If you’re enrolled in 2024/25 Winter Session courses, please contact the Academic Advising office of your program or degree to change your course from Credit/D/Fail to percentage grading. You cannot complete this on your own in Workday.

2024 Summer Session students

If you’re enrolled in Summer Session courses, there are different instructions to switch your course from Credit/D/Fail to percentage grading depending on the date you complete the change.

Before the Add/Drop date

You can switch between Cr/D/F and percentage grading anytime before the Add/Drop deadline.

  1. Log into the Course Schedule and go to the Add/Drop screen.
  2. Click "Manage Cr/D/F Courses".
  3. Select the course(s) you'd like to switch back to percentage grading.
  4. Click "Switch Selection to Percentage Grading".

Switching after the add/drop date

After the Add/Drop deadline, you'll need permission from your faculty to request a change.

If you've changed your program of study

Review the Academic Calendar for more information on how changing your program of study, including adding a declared specialization, may affect your Credit or D standing.

Learn how to use Workday for degree or program changes.

If you have questions