Grading practices

In most faculties, individual courses are normally graded as follows. For a complete list of grading practices, please visit the Academic Calendar.

Letter Grade Percentage (%)
A+ 90 to 100
A 85 to 89
A- 80 to 84
B+ 76 to 79
B 72 to 75
B- 68 to 71
C+ 64 to 67
C 60 to 63
C- 55 to 59
D 50 to 54
F (Fail) 0 to 49

View your grades

For 2024/25 Winter Session and beyond, learn how to view your grades in Workday.

Release dates

For the Winter Session, Term 1 grades are available in late December and Term 2 grades are available in late April. Full-year course grades are available in late April.

Summer Session grades are available a few weeks after the course ends.

Review of Assigned Standing (RAS)

If you are not satisfied with your assigned standing, you are encouraged to first discuss your standing with your course instructor, when possible.

If you still believe that your assigned standing has not been correctly evaluated, you may apply for a Review of Assigned Standing (RAS):

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Pay the RAS fee. The fee payment is part of the online application process and is a requirement for submission.

In the online application, you will also be required to include all course materials related to your current assigned standing. Some course materials such as live performances, live presentations, graduate-level theses, doctoral dissertations, or class participation are not eligible for review.

Apply now

Credit/D/Fail grading

The Credit/D/Fail (Cr/D/F) grading policy was created to encourage students’ curiosity and learning in subjects outside of their own programs of study and to introduce them to diverse fields.

The policy was supported by the AMS Council and approved by UBC Vancouver Senate in March 2009.

The Credit/D/Fail option is available to students in some direct-entry undergraduate programs of study. They can take eligible elective courses and receive Credit, D, or Fail standing instead of percentage grades.