Grading practices

In most faculties, individual courses are normally graded as follows:

Percentage (%) Letter Grade
90-100 A+
85-89 A
80-84 A-
76-79 B+
72-75 B
68-71 B-
64-67 C+
60-63 C
55-59 C-
50-54 D
0-49 F (Fail)

For a complete list of grading practices please visit the Academic Calendar.

Release dates

Winter Session

Term 1 grades are available in late December.

Term 2 grades are available in late April.

Both Winter Session term 1 and Winter Session term 2 grades are available in late April.

Summer Session

Grades are available a few weeks after course completion.

Distance Education & Technology (DE&T) courses

Grades are available a few weeks after course completion.

Review of assigned standing

A student who is dissatisfied with their assigned standing is encouraged to first discuss the matter informally with the instructor(s) of the course, when possible. Should the matter remain unresolved and the student believes that some or all of the material contributing to the assigned standing has been incorrectly evaluated, the student may apply for a Review of Assigned Standing.

To be eligible for review, the material in question must be a physical product that is submitted and evaluated as part of a student’s assigned standing that is available in its original as-marked form. Components of an Assigned Standing that are intangible such as a live performance, presentation, or class participation are ineligible for reviews. Graduate-level theses and doctoral dissertations are not subject to Reviews of Academic Standing. You can find information on the Review of Assigned Standing form fee at The fee must be paid and the form submitted to the Advising Centre in Brock Hall, by the deadline. Cash is not currently an accepted method of payment.

Credit/D/Fail grading

The Credit/D/Fail (Cr/D/F) grading policy was created to:

  • Encourage exploration of subject matter outside their program of study
  • Emphasize learning and academic exploration of the new and unfamiliar
  • Expose students to a broader-based curriculum 

The policy was supported by the AMS council and approved by UBC Vancouver Senate in March of 2009.

Credit/D/Fail is available to students in direct-entry undergraduate programs of study. They can take eligible elective courses for Credit, D, or Fail standing instead of percentage grades.