Non-Degree Studies

Non-Degree Studies provides study options for unclassified, visiting and access studies students studying outside a UBC degree program.

Visiting, unclassified, and Access Studies students are part of Non-Degree Studies, which is for students taking UBC courses without pursuing a UBC degree. Non-Degree Studies is an option for you if:

  • You have already completed a degree
  • You are completing an undergraduate degree at another institution
  • You want to take courses through distance education outside of a degree program
  • You want to take a course for professional upgrading
  • You want to take courses for general interest outside of a degree program

Types of Non-Degree Studies students

Unclassified I have completed an undergraduate degree
Visiting I am enrolled in a Bachelor degree program at another institution
Access Studies I haven't completed a degree and am interested in taking courses for general interest (not toward a UBC degree)