Non-Degree Studies

Non-Degree Studies provides study options for individuals wishing to take UBC credit-based courses without pursuing a UBC degree, diploma, or certificate.

Non-Degree Studies is an option if:

  • You want to take courses for general interest
  • You want to take a course for professional upgrading or academic advancement
  • You are completing an undergraduate degree at another institution
  • You have already completed a degree

If you would like to take courses at the UBC Okanagan campus, please contact Student Services at UBCO directly
Non-Degree Studies - UBC Okanagan
Student Services
Telephone: 250 807 8056
Web: Non-Degree Studies

How do I become a Non-Degree Studies student?


The admission process differs based upon your academic background. Click on the links to see admission specific to your type of Non-Degree Studies

Types of Non-Degree Studies students:

Unclassified I have completed an undergraduate degree
Visiting I am enrolled in a Bachelor degree program at another institution
Access Studies I haven't completed a degree and am interested in taking courses for general interest (not toward a UBC degree)

You will submit an application, pay the application fee and then wait for an acknowledgement email with next steps.

When to apply:

Courses start        Application deadline
September (Winter Session Term 1)   July 15
January (Winter Session Term 2) October 15*
May (Summer Session Term 1/2) March 15

*not available to Visiting students


Once you are admitted, you still need to register for courses. Admission does not guarantee access to a particular course. All newly admitted students need to pay a non-refundable acceptance deposit which will be applied towards the total cost of their tuition and student fees.


Non-Degree Studies - UBC Vancouver

Non-Degree Studies - UBC Vancouver

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