Academic concessions for Non-Degree Studies

What is an academic concession?

An academic concession is an accommodation made for a student who has been unable to fulfill course requirements due to extenuating circumstances. 

You may be eligible for an academic concession in your course if your academic progress is impeded by medical or emotional difficulties. Your request for concession needs to be submitted as soon as possible.

An academic concession could be a deferred standing (SD) or a late withdrawal from a course.

How do I apply for an academic concession?

Submit your written request as soon as possible with the following information:

  • Your full name and UBC student number

  • The type of concession you are requesting (SD, distance education extension or late withdrawal)

  • A short explanation of why you are making this request

  • Supporting documentation

Guidelines for submitting supporting documentation

All requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Supporting documentation should be issued on official letterhead and must include the following information:

  • Date of your visit to your healthcare provider

  • Length of the illness or impairment (in the case of an ongoing disability/impairment, your documentation must include information on the severity of the condition prevented you from completing coursework or examinations)

  • Comments on the effect of the illness/impairment on your ability to meet specific academic requirements

  • Signature of the healthcare professional

  • In the case of compassionate requests, an obituary, a death certificate or other appropriate documentation

Submitting your request

Academic concession requests can be submitted the following ways:

  • Email it to
  • Fax it to the attention of Non-Degree Studies at 604.822.5945
  • Bring it to the Information Centre in Brock Hall.

Once your request is received an evaluation will begin. We generally reach a decision in approximately two weeks at which point we will email you and update your Student Service Centre account.

Late withdrawal

You are not permitted to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline unless you qualify for an academic concession due to extenuating circumstances (with supporting documentation - see sidebar).

Requests to withdraw due to anticipation of an unsatisfactory academic outcome or neglect of the coursework will be refused.

If you are approved for a late withdrawal from a course, the university's normal policy of refund of tuition fees applies and you will be assessed the full tuition and student fees for the course. The concession will be noted on your transcript with a "W" standing for the course.

Deferred standing

If you miss completing any scheduled end of term work--such as a final exam or final term work--as a result of medical or emotional difficulties, you may qualify to request a deferred standing (SD) in your on-campus course.  

Please note: SD is not an option for distance education courses. Check the instructions for course extensions.

Missed midterm work

The resolution of any incomplete work during the term must be handled between between you and your instructor, in accordance with written guidelines given at the start of the course (see Grading Practices).

If you want an extension for incomplete work make your request directly to your instructor and, if permitted, make arrangements to make up or complete the term work.

Your instructor is not required to make allowance for any missed test or incomplete work that is not satisfactorily accounted for.