Non-Degree Studies tuition and fees


Students enrolled in Non-Degree Studies are required to pay an application fee, acceptance deposit, and registration deposit to be able to register in courses.

Application fees

  • Domestic students: $71.75 CAD
  • International students: $120.75 CAD

Acceptance Deposit

This non-refundable deposit will be applied to your tuition fees after you register for classes.

  • Domestic students: $500.00 CAD
  • International students: $1000.00 CAD

Tuition fees

Your tuition fees are assessed on a per-credit basis and depend on the level of the course and the faculty in which it is offered.

Most undergraduate courses are 3 or 6 credits, with some exceptions. You can check the Course Schedule for specific course information, including number of credits, when and where the course is offered, and who the course instructor is.

Your student fees are assessed based on your field of study, with a small portion distributed on a pre-credit basis.

Distance education fees

If you are taking a Distance Education course, a $53.25 administrative fee per course will apply, in addition to tuition fees for that course. If you’re only taking Distance Education courses in the academic term, you will not be assessed for further student fees.

If you’re required to take your exam off-campus, you may also be assessed a special invigilation and outside examination centre fee (usually $40), payable with the examination application.

Course materials

Expect to pay about $100 - $150 per course for course materials, such as textbooks or online educational software, which are available through the UBC Bookstore.

Exceptions for tuition and fees

Senior citizens

BC residents 65 years of age or over who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents normally do not pay application, tuition or student fees.

However, fees may be assessed for Distance Education administration and programs within Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, or any faculty or school where existing facilities and resources are limited.

If you have questions