Non-Degree Studies for unclassified students

Unclassified students take courses at UBC after completing a recognized bachelor degree program.


Standard eligibility

  • You meet the English language requirement
  • You have completed a bachelor degree from a recognized institution
  • You can provide a final official transcript showing your degree conferral

Other eligibility

  • If you intend to take Education courses only, you can apply directly to the Faculty of Education
  • Senior citizens 65 years of age and older who do not hold a bachelors's degree can apply through Access Studies
  • Students taking distance education courses only can apply through Access Studies

When to apply

Courses start Application deadline
September (Winter Session Term 1) July 15
January (Winter Session Term 2) October 15
May (Summer Session Term 1/2) March 15

How to apply

If you've previously registered in UBC courses.

Follow the application instructions for previous UBC students.

If you're new to UBC

  1. Create or login to your account at

  2. Apply to Undergraduate Degree Programs (not Non-Degree Studies)

  3. On the Program Selection page, select the Unclassified Students box

  4. Submit your application

  5. We will email you with a confirmation of your application and your next steps in 2-5 business days

Other information

  • Please note! Depending on the time of year, your school may take up to several weeks to produce your official transcript
  • Admission as an Unclassified student does not guarantee entrance to the courses requested or subsequent admission to a degree program at UBC
  • Courses may be transferable to a future UBC degree program at the discretion of the faculty to which you apply
  • Submit all required documents to Undergraduate Admissions, Attention: Non-Degree Studies
  • Non-Degree students are not eligible for Credit/D/F grading. You can consider auditing courses.

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