Non-Degree Studies for visiting students


  • You meet the English language requirement

  • You're in good academic standing

  • You are enrolled in a bachelor degree program at a recognized institution

  • You can provide a Letter of Permission (see below)

Eligible courses

Visiting students can take courses in the following faculties:

  • Arts

  • Science

  • Forestry

  • Land and Food Systems

  • Applied Science1

  • FacuIty of Education2

1Applications for Applied Science courses are not reviewed until after registration is finalized for degree-seeking students. You will likely not receive an admission decision until shortly before the start of classes.
2If you're planning to take Education courses only, please apply directly to the 
Faculty of Education.

When to apply

Courses start Application deadline
May - August March 15
September June 15
January June 15

How to apply

If you've previously registered in UBC courses.

Follow the application instructions for previous UBC students.

If you're new to UBC

  1. Create or login to your account at

  2. Apply to Undergraduate Degree Programs (not Non-Degree Studies)

  3. On the Program Selection page, select the Visiting Students box

  4. Submit your application

  5. We will email you with a confirmation of your application and your next steps in 2-5 business days

Letter of Permission

Visiting students are required to provide a Letter of Permission issued by their home institution. All Letters of Permission should:

  • Be typed on official university letterhead or written on an appropriate university form

  • Include a list of all courses that the you wish to take

  • Include the academic session you are applying to (i.e. 2016-2017 Winter or 2016 Summer)

  • Show your current bachelor program and academic standing

The issuing office can email the Letter of Permission to in PDF format. 

Your Letter of Permission is only valid for one session. You will need to submit a new Letter for any subsequent sessions in which you register for courses.

Other information

  • Please note: Depending on the time of year, it may take your school several weeks to produce your official transcript and Letter of Permission, so plan ahead

  • Admission as a Visiting student does not guarantee entrance to the courses requested or subsequent admission to a degree program at UBC

  • Submit all required documents to Undergraduate Admissions, Attention: Non-Degree Studies

  • If you are unable to provide required documents prior to the application deadline, please contact to request an extension

  • Visiting students are admitted to UBC for one academic session (Winter or Summer) at a time. If you want to continue your UBC registration in subsequent sessions, you'll have to reapply using the application request procedure above

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