Registration for Non-Degree students

Here are your next steps now that you've been admitted

How to register

  1. Log in to Student Service Centre (SSC)

    1. If you didn't create a Campus Wide Login (CWL) account when you applied, sign up now:

      1. Review the CWL terms of use

      2. Select Student & Alumni

      3. Fill out the form. Your SSC password will be your birthdate in yy/mm/dd format

      4. Use your new login name and password to access the SSC

      5. Reset your password online

  2. Find out when your registration begins

    A registration date is assigned on the SSC two weeks before registration opens for your student category (Winter Session and Summer Session dates).

  3. Pay your deposit and application fee

    Pay your application fee (if applicable) and registration deposit.  The deposit appears on the SSC a few weeks prior to your registration date.

  4. Register in courses

    Register in courses as soon as your registration opens. You will be able to do so until the course add/drop deadline. Non-Degree Studies students receive registration eligibility after all other degree seeking students. Your access to popular courses may prove challenging.

  5. Pay your tuition & student fees

    Check and pay your fees on the SSC by the due date (or you may be charged a late payment fee and interest on the outstanding amount). Remember to inform yourself about the UBCcardU-Pass, and Student Health & Dental Plan (if applicable).

Trouble registering?

Prerequisites and Transfer Credit

Non-Degree students do not receive transfer credit from other institutions. Your SSC will not automatically show transfer credits even though you may have provided transcripts for the purpose of an admission decision. If you took a prerequisite course at another institution, you will need to:

  • Use a Registration Form 
  • Have an up-to-date copy of your transcript with you just in case

If your desired course is full:

  • Online waitlists

    Some courses have waitlists on the SSC that you can register for.  You will not be notified that you have been moved from the waitlist into the course, so check your registration regularly on the SSC. Please note that there is no guarantee of section access based on waitlist registration.

  • Informal waitlists

    Some instructors have informal waitlists and during the registration period may sign Registration Forms for students on their waitlists or for those who come to class and request it.  This is at the instructor's discretion and may not be granted.

  • Check the course schedule

    Keep checking the course schedule as registrations fluctuate throughout the registration period.

What else do I need to know?

  • Generally, students are admitted to an entire academic session (winter or summer) and may choose to register either in one term or both terms.
  • UBC registration occurs on a sessional basis. For example, if admitted for the Winter session, you will register for courses in the September and January terms at the same time.
  • If you are an international student and not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may need to take additional steps after admission to UBC. Please review the information on study permits and visas.
  • For more detailed instructions and information on registering, creating worklists, and adding, dropping, and switching classes, read about course registration.
  • Non-Degree students are not eligible for Credit/D/F grading. You can consider auditing courses.

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