Student Directed Seminar Courses

2018/19 - Student Directed Seminars

2017/18 - Past Seminar Courses

Imagined Futures: Utopian and Dystopian Visions of Technological Progress (ASTU 400P 001)
Coordinator: Vesta Sahatciu and Colleen Kennedy
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christopher Mole

The Rhetoric and Sociology of the Causes and Implications of the 2016 US Presidential Election (ASTU 400T 001)
Coordinators: Sana Fatima and Melissa Teo
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christina Hendricks

Creative Science (ASTU 400U 001)
Coordinators: Iris Liu and Iksha Kumar
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Niamh Kelly

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Law and Society (ASTU 400V 001)
Coordinator: Jessamine Liu
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Arlene Sindelar

Eating Disorders, Comorbidities, and Treatments (ASTU 400W 001)
Coordinator: Bita Zareian
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sunaina Assanand

Literature's Legal Ligaments: An Examination of Law and Literature (ASTU 400X 001)
Coordinators: Jia Faner and Tiffany Syyong
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mark Harris

War, Folklore, and the Mythos of the Inklings (ASTU 400Y 001)
Coordinator: Kate Ney
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Robert Rouse

Trauma/Stressor-Related Disorders and Relationships (ASTU 400Z 001)
Coordinator: Thalia Lang
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steven J. Barnes

The Question of Filipino Identity (ACAM 447A 001)
Coordinator: Phebe Ferrer
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Leonora Angeles

Humanitarian Engineering (APSC 498)
Coordinator: Andrew Sheroubi
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gabriel Potvin

Neural Circuits Governing Innate Social Behaviours (BIOL 490A 201)
Coordinator: Alireza Kamyabi
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michael Gordon

A Seminar on Programming Practice (CPSC 490 201)
Coordinator: Finn Hackett
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ivan Beschastnikh

Economics of Education (ECON 492A 001)
Coordinator: Elena Fedortsova
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Mark Schmidt

Disney Revisited: Spectatorship, Identity and Society (FIST 434D 001)
Coordinator: Jemma Dashkewytch
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christine Evans

Biological Embedding: How Epigenetics, Neurodevelopment + Sociocultural Context Intersect to Shape Lifetime Health + Development (ISCI 490 201)
Coordinator: Sunny Chen
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steven Barnes

Human Bio-Psycho-Social Development (ISCI 490F 002)
Coordinator: Saman Fouladirad
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Catherine Ann Cameron

Modern Methods in Neuroscience (ISCI 490 101)
Coordinator: Jasmyne Kassam
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jason Snyder

Existential Literature (PHIL 489 001)
Coordinator: Etienne Lombard
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Barbara Weber

Development from the “Developing World” (ASTU 400N 001)
Coordinators: Rohina Dass and Chris Coulson
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jenny Peterson

Queer Experiences of Asian Communities (SOCI 433A 103)
Coordinators: David How
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John Paul Catungal

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Student Directed Seminars

Student Directed Seminars

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