Financial emergencies

How we can help

If you are experiencing financial concerns, you can schedule a confidential advising appointment with an Enrolment Services Advisor (ES Advisor). They will work with you to develop the best course of action and review resources available to you.

Learn how to find your ES Advisor's contact in Workday.

ES Advisors can help you create or adapt your financial plan and find financial support options when unexpected situations arise, such as:

  • An unexpected change in living situation
  • Food insecurity
  • Delays in transferring funds out of a country
  • Illness or death in the family
  • An exceptional medical situation
  • Other unforeseen circumstances you could not have planned for

Emergency Funding

Sometimes, even with the best planning, you may run into a situation that is out of your control and you may need help to deal with the problem. One option might be short-term, generally one-time, emergency funding to help cover a temporary shortfall due to an unexpected emergency situation when no other financial options are available.

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What to expect

ES Advisors are not here to tell you how to spend your money. They are here to support you with immediate, short, and long-term financial wellbeing. When meeting with an ES Advisor, you can expect to be heard without judgment.

An ES Advisor will work with you to review your personal finances and make sure you are aware of all the financial resources available to you in your particular situation. This can include exploring resources like student loans, scholarships and bursaries, and/or Work Learn and student employment.

Other financial resources

  • AMS Food Bank
    Access the on-campus food bank for groceries and toiletries, up to 16 times per term.

  • Crisis support
    Reach out for immediate help if you or someone else is in danger, or at risk of harming yourself or others.

  • Student support and resources
    UBC staff are here for you throughout your degree. Learn who to contact for assistance with academics, money, health, and more.

If you need help

If you're an undergraduate student, please contact your Enrolment Services Advisor directly.

Graduate, postgraduate, and all other students can contact an Enrolment Services Advisor by calling 604 822 9836 or submitting a question through the online form.

If you’re an Indigenous student, please contact your assigned ES Advisor or reach out to the ES Indigenous Student Support Team at